Levaquin Dangers

Levaquin dangers, including major adverse reactions  can lead to long-term or permanent damage to health.

You may be wondering about how a drug with so many adverse effects could continue to mount without anything being done about it.  The answer lies in a web of corporate profiteering and FDA corruption.  Most Americans are unaware that the FDA receives more than half of their funding for the review of drugs from the very pharmaceutical companies whose products they are supposed to be regulating.  It is called the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. This is a blantant conflict of interest that has made the FDA very slow and often reluctant to react to drug toxicities of any kind. FDA corruption is simply a byproduct of an unethical union.

Even though there have been countless cases of people that complain about Levaquin dangers and side effects, most doctors have refused to acknowledge them. Levaquin dangers are more than just a few side minor effects like nausea and sleep disturbances.  They include major health problems.

The FDA’s mission statement is to protect the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs and to monitor products for continued safety after they are in use. Unfortunately the FDA has changed over time. They went from an institution that was formed to protect the public health to a rubber stamp government agency that only takes public safety into account when it is forced to by some type of lawsuit or gross public error. Call it lack of funding, integrity, human nature, greed, or plain corruption, the protective motivation that was once the driving force of the FDA is gone. It is a fallacy that the FDA is a watchdog agency for public health. Just like the SEC, which was repeatedly warned about the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, the FDA has turned a blind eye to the damage caused by fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Today the FDA is simply a lapdog for international billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. They are directly responsible for significant numbers of people that are now disabled from fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

I believe that the more of us that make our voices heard and stand together, the better chance we have of making a difference and breaking through the walls of corporate and FDA corruption.  Leave your comment here, or send me an email at jfratti@comcast.net Thanks for your time and help.

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Levaquin dangers

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