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Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors:

Johnson & Johnson‘s Board of Directors holds the ultimate authority of the company. They appoint senior management of the company, who are responsible for conducting business and operations and provide oversight of management, and form standing Board Committees to assist in fulfilling its obligations. The Management Team meet throughout the year with the Board members to discuss strategic direction and major developments of the company’s various businesses. The Johnson & Johnson website listing the Board of Directors can be found at:

The very least that Johnson & Johnson could do is to engage in medical research to help the many patients that have been disabled from Levaquin regain their lost health. None of the Board Directors have offered to help in this capacity. My family sent a package of documentation on Levaquin to each of the Johnson & Johnson Board Directors asking for medical research to be initiated. Unfortunately, not one Board Director offered to help. Why has Johnson & Johnson abandoned their own Credo? The Johnson & Johnson Credo is the company’s guiding set of principals. It is their moral compass. The JNJ Credo can be found on the corporate website at the following link:

The beginning sentence of the Johnson & Johnson Credo states the following: “We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.”

I feel that the Board Directors have an ethical and moral responsibility to help patients that have been seriously injured from this Johnson & Johnson drug. Consumers that are suffering severe and chronic disabilities from Levaquin are not nameless and faceless people. It has been over five years of daily suffering for me. Much longer for many other Levaquin victims.

Not  only does Levaquin toxicity affect the person injured, it also affects the entire family unit that has to help care for their loved one that is suffering. Many Levaquin victims face the fact that their lives have been completely ruined from this toxic drug. They face the loss of job and income and enormous medical bills. Levaquin toxicity touches the lives of so many people.

An appalling level of greed by Johnson & Johnson executives to line their own pockets and those of their shareholders is the root cause of our pain and disability.

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John Fratti

Johnson and Johnson Shareholder Meeting Protest: Levaquin

Johnson and Johnson Shareholder Meeting Protest: Levaquin

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