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Sick Citizens vs. the FDA. GHB for sleep mentioned.

  Here is an interesting four minute video about a couple of citizens circumventing the FDA to get substances to help their situation. They are simply trying to stay alive. I feel the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry and that there are many known substances that can give sick people a better quality of life. I don’t promote using GHB, or prescription [...]

Rep. Waxman speech about the FDA

Here is a good one minute video. Rep. Henry Waxman speaking about the FDA and preemption. This speech was prior to the Supreme court ruling on Preemption.

FDA scientists complain to Obama

A short Youtube video to watch.

Last Days of Health Freedom. FDA and pharmaceutical industry protest.

I saw on the news today at my dad’s house pictures of the tea party protests in Texas and California. Here is a video about people protesting the FDA and pharmaceutical industry. Lariam is mentioned briefly. It is an interesting video.

Need antibiotics for an infection?

Here is one of the best Youtube videos I have ever seen. Definitely better and more impactful than the Levaquin videos I made. This is presented by Bob who has done a great job in helping to spread the message of the dangers of this class of antibiotics. I talked to Bob on the phone a little [...]

Ex pharmaceutical sales rep Gwen Olsen dispels myth of drug companies.

I contacted Gwen Olson not too long ago. She has a website at She has written a book about what actually happens in the pharmaceutical sales industry. Her book is titled “Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher”  When I contacted Gwen she told me that she is doing another book about the pharmaceutical industry. I sent [...]

Side effects of Levaquin abuse video

Here is a Youtube video on the effects of Levaquin abuse. In this video he said he is hearing voices and can’t sleep.

Thimerisol- Mercury Vaccine connection Robert Kennedy Jr.

Interesting Youtube video on the mercury vaccine connection from Robert Kennedy Jr. Just like the doctors that dismiss or outright deny that quinolone antibiotics cause long term damage. The CDC, FDA and doctors that gave vaccines that harmed young children often times dismiss or outright deny that these vaccines cause autism.

Levaquin, Cipro and Floxin quinolone antibiotic videos

For anybody that is new to this blog I am posting Youtube video’s I made concerning my Levaquin poisoning.  Please help us warn and educate the public about the horrendous and crippling effects of quinolone antibiotics. Thousands of people have had their lives destroyed physically and financially. Please forward this blog to your family and friends so [...]

Antibiotics in chicken

We who have been poisoned by quinolone antibiotics , and there are hundreds of thousands of us, usually have much more sensitivity to chicken that are fed antibiotics. I won’t even take a chance on antibiotic free chicken because manufacturers sometimes cheat to save money. I can’t risk the re-exposure to quinolone antibiotics in chicken. I recently [...]

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