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Gary Null’s testimony on flu vaccine at New York Senate hearings.

Here is a fiery speech by Gary Null. He is giving testimony at the NY Senate hearings regarding the flu vaccine and the corruption of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Gary Null has produced many documentary movies on health and wellness.     Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  

PBS with Bill Moyers. Discussion with Dr. Sidney Wolfe

Here is a very interesting interview with Dr. Sidney Wolfe and a Harvard physician. Good information on why the pharmaceutical industry wants a fragmented health insurance industry.

Food Inc. Movie trailor on Youtube

I heard this movie is very good. I don’t think it is in many theaters though. Here is a short trailor for this documentary.

Fluoroquinolone antibiotic video.

Below is the re-editied video sent to me from Bob P. concerning fluoroquinolone toxicity. He has translated the video to different languages to broaden and expand its reach. Thank you Bob for your hard work and continued advocacy efforts to warn others about the danger of fluoroquinolones.    

Cheerleader Drug Reps. Glen Beck interview on pharmaceutical industry.

Here is an interesting four minute video on pharmaceutical tactics. Glen Beck interview with former Pfizer VP of Marketing.

Drug reps vs. Doctors

90 second video on Drug reps vs. Doctors.

John McCain on the Pharmaceutical industry.

Below is a short video with John McCain and person from the audience in a 2008 Michigan town hall meeting.

Former pharmaceutical sales rep talks about herself and the drug industry.

A very well done video from former pharmaceutical rep Gwen Olsen.

Same drug, different pill video.

Very informative pharmaceutical industry video.

FDA and the food industry.

Good video on the FDA and the food industry. Voice quality is a little poor from this doctor. Need for clean unadulterated food. Industry, both food and pharmaceutical, have run the FDA. Not mentioned in this video is that quinolones are in some food that we eat, especially from the far east. Imported shrimp can [...]

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