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New article on Fluoroquinolone induced peripheral neuropathy and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Ayad Ali wrote an article published this month on Fluoroquinolones causing peripheral neuropathy and Guillain-Barre syndrome. More and more information keeps coming out on the damage that this class of antibiotics causes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Levaquin Toxicity

I read on the FQ Facebook forums of a couple of victims who did hyperbaric ( HBOT) treatment. Both of them had some level of improvement. Niether of them were close to being cured though. Fluoroquinolone toxicity is often so severe and diffuse that there really is no single cure. I figured I would give HBOT a try as I [...]

Dr. Marc Rodwin: Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine.

Dr. Marc Rodwin has written extensively about off-label marketing and the medical industrial complex.  He has a new book out below.  It looks to be a fantastic read for anyone interested in this subject.

Camu Camu for Vitamin C

Sorry for the large and dark font size. My computer is acting up. I have been reading a lot of information on the benefits of Vitamin C. Some say the best way to take vitamin C is from a whole plant food source. I was reading about a fruit called Camu Camu. Apparently this fruit [...]

Risperdal Settlement – Alex Gorsky

Wall Street Journal article on the $2.2 Billion dollar settlement regarding Risperdal.

Useful Fluoroquinolone toxicity website.

Visit for good information about Levaquin and Fluoroquinolone toxicity.  

Mothers Against Medical Errors.

I spoke with a lady named Helen, who is founder of Mothers Against Medical Errors. She is a tremendous advocate for patient safety. Below is the website that she created. She has a lot of very good advocacy and public awareness ideas.

Johnson & Johnson recall. Wall Street Journal

Below is an article today from the Wall Street Journal on yet another recall by Johnson & Johnson. When does it end.

Fluoroquinolone Law Registry Notice.

Below is a message that was put up on the fluoroquinolone facebook forum today. Debra Anderson spoke with the Law Firm today. They are asking for any and all documentation that we have. PLEASE SEND ANY MEDICAL, SCIENTIFIC OR PHARMACEUTICAL DOCUMENTATION that shows these drugs as being toxic and dangerous. Please send to Thank you.

New York Times & Forbes – Fluoroquinolone toxicity.

The Fluoroquinolone antibiotic toxicity movement is picking up some much needed steam. Recently the New York Times and Forbes ran articles on this class of antibiotics. The New York Times article alone drew over 600 comments. Most articles don’t draw anywhere near those numbers. It shows you how severe and widespread this toxicity really is. Both articles are a good [...]

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