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Honey tainted with quinolone antibiotics.

Honey Laundering: Tainted product still slips easily into U.S. Officials are rarely notified By ANDREW SCHNEIDER P-I SENIOR CORRESPONDENT Concealing discoveries of contaminated imported honey is immoral, unethical and often illegal — and it happens far too often, U.S. honey producers say. “It doesn’t take a wizard to determine whether there are bad things in [...]

Laraim- The other quinolone

Cipro: Benefits Didn’t Outweigh The Risks.

Cipro: Benefits Didn’t Outweight The Risks Lawyers and Settlements My husband is a former Marine. He kept in shape over the years & was in great physical condition in 1998 before taking Cipro. He was in his early 40′s at that time and quite strong. Shortly after taking Cipro, his arms & legs started to [...]

Severe Cipro adverse reaction. Permanent injuries.

Cipro Devastation Story: In July of 2004 I was a very healthy, fresh out of college, in my 1st apartment and my 1st real job and I got health insurance. I had one health issue, just one. A swollen prostate. I was put on an antibiotic and lost everything I had and myself. Here are [...]

Army Struggles with Mental Health. Lariam.

Army struggles with mental health. Mefloquin controversy.

Young girl poisoned by Cipro.

Comment left on blog. Another Cipro victim. This time it is a young girl who is now falling behind in her school assignments. Her mother is looking for a doctor in the Huntsville Alabama area. A doctor that  is open minded and willing to acknowledge this possibility. If anyone knows a doctor in this area [...]


The Two Faces of Avelox August 26, 2009. By Gordon Gibb Washington, DC: The Avelox antibiotic and related Avelox side effects—tendon rupture among them—is yet another example of the prescription drug culture we find ourselves in today. Drugs are designed to do incredible things, such as eradicate serious bacterial infections. However in so doing, they [...]

Lariam toxicity stories.

Stories of mental effects from Lariam.

Cipro toxicity Facebook site.

Here is a new Facebook site from my friend Jeff who had a terrible adverse reaction to Cipro. Jeff is making an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of taking Cipro. Hopefully Jeff can make it out of the acute stage of his reaction and into a more tolerable level of existance. Keep raising awareness and [...]

The People’s Pharmacy. Joe and Terry Graedon. Comments from fluoroquinolone victims.

The People’s Pharmacy.

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