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Fluoroquinolones – Mitochondrial Toxicity

Rx warning: possible mitochondrial toxicity Tweet By J. Ryne Danielson Public Relations Powerful antibiotics Levaquin and Cipro, as well as other members of the flouroquinolone family, may be responsible for dangerous but unacknowledged side effects, including mitochondrial toxicity syndrome, a disruption of cellular function which causes severe nerve damage. photo by Sarah Pack, Public Relations [...]

Natural News – Fluoroquinolones: How I Became Disabled Overnight

Below is a very good article on Fluoroquinolone toxicity by Erin Wilson.

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Videos.

Below is a great set of videos from Elizabeth, a fellow Fluoroquinolone victim.  Elizabeth does a very nice job of articulating the various aspects of Fluoroquinolone poisoning. There are some good tidbits of information that may be helpful for this toxicity. Thanks Elizabeth for your advocacy.

Popular restaurant closes down because of Levaquin toxicity.

Here is another very sad Levaquin toxicity story. A popular restaurant owner suffers a severe toxic reaction to Levaquin.  Sadly, this well known restaurant is now forced to close its doors. This is yet another example of the devastating life changing damage caused by this dangerous drug. This person’s life changed on a dime. [...]

Antibiotic Alert – Dr. Mercola

Below is another article by Dr. Joesph Mercola on Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. This article just came out today. One point that I will respectfully disagree on concerns fluoride. I don’t believe fluoride is the cause of the severe adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones. I believe it is the direct toxicity of the antibiotic. I don’t believe that fluoride is [...]

Adverse reactions to Fluoroquinolones.

Below is an informative study on Fluoroquinolones at Manipal University in India. The study states that the porporation of nervous system adverse reactions were higher than that observed with antibacterial agents in general. Levaquin occupied the major share of reactions reported.

New York Times article on Fluoroquinolones

An interesting article came out in the New York Times yesterday concerning Fluoroquinolones. Below is a link to the article. There are many good comments after the article.

What to do about the growing menace of adverse drug reactions | Richard Schiffman

Good read…

ABC News – The Denver Channel

Word is slowly spreading about fluoroquinolone toxicity. Below is a news story on ABC news in Denver on fluoroquinolone toxicity.

Message from a well wisher on quinolone pain remedy.

   I received tDear All, This will definatly help you with in 7 days…including reducing pains by over 80% 1. Take  geriforte in the following manner ( which is a micro herbal concoction of almost a hunderd different herbs) 3 geriforte tablets 4 times a day with a full glass of water ( do not [...]

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