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Glutathione injection. Third treatment

Had my third infusion of Glutathione injected into my arm on Thursday. I had 2000mg put in. When I got home I was very tired. I had to lay down and I almost fell asleep even with my head shaking nonstop. I still feel more a little more fatigued today. I have 2 more glutathione infusions [...]

Dr. Mercola on Low dose naltrexone

Dr. Mercola on low dose naltrexone: Some leading experts believe that low-dose naltrexone (LDN) holds great promise for the treatment of millions of people suffering with autoimmune diseases, central nervous system disorders, and even cancer and HIV/AIDS. It’s extremely low-cost, and appears to be virtually free of detrimental side effects. So why haven’t you heard [...]

Glutathione- second treatment update

I had my second Glutathione treatment on Wednesday. Instead of one gram of Glutathione my doctor wanted me to do 2 grams ( 2000 mg )  I dragged my body and the Glutathione in an ice bag to his office. The Glutathione must be kept cold. As I was in the office there was a father [...]

Low dose naltrexone for quinolone antibiotic toxicity

Low dose naltrexone (LDN ) is a very inexpensive medication that is used for a variety of autoimmune disorders and other disease states. There is a great website at  This medication uses the body’s natural defense system to greatly boost and normalize the body’s immune system. My old doctor had some cancer and MS patients on it. [...]

Glutathione- 2nd treatment

I go for my second IV glutathione treatment on Wednesday. The first treatment was 1000mg ( 1 gram ) My doctor said I should do 2 grams. I hope my liver can handle it. The IV treatment costs $45.00 each time. The price is the same for 1 gram vs 2 grams so I am going to do the 2 [...]

Intravenous Glutathione.

I took the plunge and had 1000mg ( 1 gram ) of IV glutathione a couple days ago. Didn’t seem to help in any way although I know glutathione takes time to work. I do feel much more fatigued than usual. Wonder if that is Levaquin toxins coming out. It’s getting really cold here in Pennsylvania. I am worse [...]


I found out the Glutathione I used contained yeast. The fine print on the package label said: Caution  derived from yeast. Since I had or still have candida maybe this is what caused my reaction. I am going to try a different form of glutathione ( yeast free ) in the next week or so. [...]


I really had high hopes for doing nebulized glutathione and achieving some level of improvement. Just like everything else I have tried it was not to be. I inhaled the glutathione and a few minutes later I had breathing problems. It felt like my chest was very heavy and I had some form of constricted breathing. [...]


I am finally starting nebulized glutathione tonight prior to bed. has, as most quinolone victims know, an article on a quinolone victim who could barely stand or walk for 3 years. He also had neurological damage. He started on glutathione and many months later he was about 95 % better and able to return to work. [...]

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