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Eat Wild. Support local farmers.

So many of us Floxies ( Fluoroquinolone injured victims ) have ravaged guts. We need to be very careful about what we put in our bodies. Many of us suffer from leaky gut syndrome. The majority of us that are moderately and severely affected do not tolerate chemicals, growth hormones, GMO’s, antibiotics that are in animal feed. [...]

Restorative sleep

This blog below has some information on various supplements, nutrients, and amino acids for sleep. So many of us are desperate for deep resorative sleep.  Some people say supplements help, others say they hinder recovery. It is very individualistic.

Glutathione: last treatment

I will be having my last glutathione treatment in June. I know it has helped some people and some people it hasn’t  I was hoping that it would really help me a lot but it hasn’t. It hasn’t hurt me though so maybe down the road it will slowly help me. It costs about $45.00 per iv [...]

Willard Water experiment for my floxed body.

When I was getting one of my intravenous treatments of glutathione for my Levaquin poisoning I sat next to another lady who was getting chelation treatment for high blood pressure. She was a mennonite from a place near the amish country and didn’t believe in the use of many prescription medications. I wish I would have grown up in a [...]

Levaquin victim posts comment about doing a liver flush.

Below is a post I received not too long ago from a Levaquin victim. I once read of another victim that did something called Hulda Clark’s liver flush. It entailed using a lot of olive oil and some lemon juice. She claimed it got rid of toxic junk in her liver and made her hip pain and [...]

Intravenous Glutathione – 5th treatment

Tomorrow will be my 5th treatment of intravenous Glutathione. I’ll be getting 2 grams injected in my arm. The IV treatment only lasts about 15 minutes. So far it hasn’t helped. For the rest of the day after the treatment I have a slight reduction of head tremor and a sense of sleepiness. I feel more fatigued for that [...]

Doctor that prescribes methadone needed.

If anybody knows a doctor near Philadelphia / Allentown area that prescribes Methadone please let me know. Bob, a severely poisoned Cipro victim, is in very bad shape. Bob’s doctor is now telling him he is a drug addict and that if he stopped smoking he would be better by now. For many years this doctor [...]

Message I received about reducing quinolone pain.

Here is a recent email I received about how to reduce quinolone induced pain. Obviously this person doesn’t know the full extent of the damage from quinolones. This person probably means well but there is nothing that I have discovered that reduces the quinolone pain except for the passage of time and pain medications. Many [...]

Attempting Low dose naltrexone

My Levaquin induced nerve and tendon pain doesn’t seem to be getting much better. Still have many neurological symptoms too. I am attempting to go off the narcotics and on to Low dose naltrexone. Today is my first full day off of them and it is very hard. I have bumped up my Lyrica and Cymbalta. The [...]

Glutathione again.

I went in to the doctor’s office for another glutathione IV treatment. I miscalculated how many glutathione bottles I have left. I actually have three more vials of 2000mg of glutathione. Each vial has 2000 mg in it not 1000 mg. So far it doesn’t seem to have done anything postive or negative. There were two [...]

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