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Below is a new website regarding fluoroquinolones. We are working on news segments around the country to raise further awareness about this toxicity. We are getting some major news stations to run stories on this antibiotic poisoning. Please visit the website when you have time. Thank you.

New study on the risk of arrhythmia and death associated with Levaquin ( Levofloxacin )

Below is a recent study on the increased risk of heart arrhythmia and death with the use of Azithromycin and Levaquin. I remember watching the national news one night and seeing a story by Diane Sawyer on the increased risk of arithymia and death associated with Azithromyacin. Hopefully there will be some sort of follow-up news segement on this [...]

Fluoroquinolone Fundraiser for Jennifer W.

Below is a link to a fundraiser for one of the hardest working advocates in the Fluoroquinolone community. Jennifer W. has been working tirelessly helping to support fluoroquinolone victims across the world. Every victim is deserving of a fundraiser. However, Jennifer has worked so hard for so long at the expense of her own health. Lets give back to Jennifer like [...]

Fluoroquinolone relapse video.

Below is a sad video from a very courageous young lady named Elizabeth. A relapse has left her back to where she was during the beginning stages of her Levaquin poisoning.  Relapses are unfortunately common in this toxicity. Small triggers can sometimes leave severe and long term effects. I am confident that Elizabeth will get [...]

Floxed Scrapbook.

Chris Dannelly RIP – Life stolen by Levaquin. And now a family without a father thanks to J&J.

Levaquin depersonalization.

Below is a terrible story I received of a man who used to go to prisons to provide christian counseling. Now he is in jail and suffering from Levaquin toxicity. He is in the same jail he used to visit as a christian counselor.   Thank you so much for posting this and asknig people to [...]

Levaquin induced depression

A Levaquin victim needs help for her neurological symptoms. Email address is: Levaquin Story: My wife took Levaquin and it sent her into a manic state. She was as very hyperactive. This came right after seeing the blue men and seemingly having her energy zapped. So after three weeks of being off the drug, she [...]

Ask a Patient

Sad post on the Levaquin Ask a Patient site. sore throat My wife and I took one 750 mg of the drug and  1 hr later my wife was dead do to anaphylatic shock and i haven’t felt my tips of my toes in over 6 yrs. We went to the doctor with sore throats [...]

Levaquin adverse reaction

Below is an informative testimonial by Dan on the side effects of Levaquin and fluoroquinolones in general.

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