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Johnson & Johnson executives on trial.

Here is something recently from the Wall Street Journal ( ) about Johnson & Johnson. Criminal trials of former health-care executives set to begin Two former senior officers of Johnson & Johnson medical-device unit Acclarent are charged with marketing a sinus-opening device for a use not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

Taking a short break.

The last few months have been especially difficult. The passing of my friend Bob Grozier was very sad. He was a great guy and a tremendous advocate against fluoroquinolone poisoning. In addition, my mother was hospitalized with pneumonia and had to do a lot of rehab. A week after discharge she fell and suffered a [...]

Johnson & Johnson 2014 annual shareholder meeting.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to travel to the annual Johnson & Johnson shareholder meeting. Fortunately, I have a lot of help with making this trip since it is hard on my body. We’ll see what the con artists have to say this year. I am allowed a two minute speech to [...]

Johnson & Johnson vaginal mesh

Below is a link to a recent jury decision about Johnson & Johnson’s vaginal mesh product. I feel so sorry for all the women that were injured. Nobody really understands the magnitude of suffering unless you personally go through it. It is simply staggering the magnitude of people injured by Johnson & Johnson products. Please make sure [...]

My Meeting with a former Johnson & Johnson District Manager for Levaquin.

Several months ago I compiled a list of former Levaquin sales reps and managers. I signed up for the social media resource LinkedIn. I had hoped to establish communications with a former Levaquin representative. I generated a list of about 30 former Johnson & Johnson employees who sold Levaquin. I figured I would be very difficult to get into any meaningful [...]

Risperdal Settlement – Alex Gorsky

Wall Street Journal article on the $2.2 Billion dollar settlement regarding Risperdal.

Another Day, Another Recall – Mold Found in Johnson & Johnson Product.

The contaminated product list never seems to end…. Pharmagather:

Johnson & Johnson Watchdog Employee Can Proceed With Retaliation Lawsuit.

Another tragic story about Johnson & Johnson putting profits before patient safety. A very interesting read.  J&J CEO’s Bill Weldon and Alex Gorsky will tell the audience at its annual shareholder meeting that the Credo’s values are held dear to them. The Credo is essentially their corporate oath to put the needs of the customer [...]

Johnson & Johnson slapped with subpoena on Nucynta marketing.

More investigations by the Feds into Johnson & Johnson’s marketing practices. This time it is the drug Nucynta. It looks like the investigators are also reviewing study data on Nucynta’s safety. It would be nice if someday Levaquin is reviewed more thoroughly.

Johnson & Johnson Settles Suit Alleging Management Incompetence and Deception.

This is a great read on the dishonorable and unethical business practices of Johnson & Johnson. Instead of abiding by their beloved Credo, Johnson & Johnson puts forth an immense television media campaign to repair their broken image. Instead, they should be working on fixing all of the people that have been broken by their [...]

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