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Camu Camu for Vitamin C

Sorry for the large and dark font size. My computer is acting up. I have been reading a lot of information on the benefits of Vitamin C. Some say the best way to take vitamin C is from a whole plant food source. I was reading about a fruit called Camu Camu. Apparently this fruit [...]

New FDA warnings on Cipro may tie into Gulf War Illness according to the publication “Military Times”

Military Times article on Cipro and Gulf War illness.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinical Trial for Traumatic Brain Injury.

Below is a link to a clinical trial using hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of  traumatic brain injury. For fluoroquinolone injured victims who have documented central nervous system damage, this NIH study may be something to consider. Especially if you reside near an active hbot recruiting site and meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The cost of hyperbaric oxygen [...]

Holiday season – Facebook support sites.

With Christmas right around the corner, it is hard not to reflect on all the damage that Levaquin and other fluoroquinolones have caused families. Senior leadership at Johnson & Johnson has knowingly and needlessly endagered millions of people. Struggling familes have to struggle even more. People affected by Levaquin often incur enormous medical expenses. Other [...]

Dr. Michael Scally blog on Fluoroquinolones and liver injury.

Maybe this doctor would be worth contacting to raise awareness on Fluoroquinolone toxicity. I believe Cipro is in the same category as Levaquin and Avelox when it comes to liver injury.

Message from Peter from the United Kingdom

Message from Peter from the UK. This is very sad and shocking news. The Fluroquinolones should have been banned long ago and never even created in the first place. The numbers of people all over the world damaged by these drugs is unbelievable and yet the doctors still give them out like sweets. No matter [...]

New York Times Blog Post on Fluoroquinolones

Good read below by Jane Brody.

Glaxo’s $3 Billion dollar fine.

A $3 Billion dollar fine and not one executive goes to jail. The largest health care fraud settlement in US history. Article by pharmagossip.

Quinolones in farm raised shrimp from Asia.

Below is a recent article from Wired Magazine on Quinolones in farm raised shrimp from Asia.

Truthout News Analysis on J&J drug Procrit.

Anatomy of a $30 Billion Medicare Crime   Monday 3 October 2011 by: Kathleen Sharp, Truthout | News Analysis (Photo: Vermin Inc) Like all great capers, this $30 billion Medicare crime unfolded in plain sight. A drug rep sat in the doctor’s office, balancing folders on his knees and flipping through the patient files. He [...]

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