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Can we trust pharmaceutical clinical studies?

Here is an online exerpt from Dr. John Abramson who wrote the book Overdosed America. He is a Harvard educated doctor who writes about how the drug companies are corrupting science.   The drug companies have no more responsibility to oversee the public’s health than the fast-food industry has to oversee the public’s diet. The substitution of [...]

Levaquin poisoned doctor near me.

There is a doctor who lives about 15 minutes from me. I was told by another doctor that this Internal medicine Physician took Levaquin and his achilles tendon ruptured. I am not sure if he had any other symptoms. I use to call on this doctor when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep. Unfortunately I didn’t know him that [...]

Fabricated data in peer reviewed medical journals.

(NaturalNews) The health community is up in arms over the discovery that a highly-respected and influential clinical researcher, Dr. Scott Reuben, fabricated the data used in over twenty pharmaceutical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Read the full NaturalNews report on this topic here: These studies promoted the safety and “benefits” of drugs like [...]

Cipro: hives and tendonitis. Doctors deny once again.

Dewey, AZ: Cheryl considers herself lucky; she took Cipro for five days only because it made her so sick. “I was prescribed 2 x 800mgs per day of the antibiotic Cipro for diverticulitis but about a week after I stopped, Cipro’s side effects started,” says Cheryl. “It was a hot day and I sweated so [...]

Reply from pharmacist

I’m a pharmacist and I don’t “sweep anything under the rug.”  My collegues don’t either. I report ALL adverse drug reactions, this is part of my job.  I’m actually expected to find adverse drug reactions.  You have no right to make statements you know nothing about.   All drugs come with potential dangers, the question [...]

Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter

  I have been to many doctors over the years to help minimize my Levaquin poisoning. I have been going to Dr. Hohenwarter for the last several months for Glutathione IV’s. He is the best doctor I have seen out of all the physicians I have been to. He is genuinely interested in helping patients optimize their health. He is one of [...] Health

I see advertised all the time on TV. The information on is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical companies. That is why it is advertised so much. The people in the commercials look so happy as they are typing in information into Webmd just like the other drug commercials where people are dancing through [...]

Corrupt pharmaceutical companies- New York Times

As Doctor Writes Prescription, Drug Company Writes a Check    Published: June 27, 2004, New York Times    The check for $10,000 arrived in the mail unsolicited. The doctor who received it from the drug maker Schering-Plough said it was made out to him personally in exchange for an attached “consulting” agreement that required nothing [...]

How to report a bad doctor. We have all been there.

How and who do you report a bad doctor? In: Rules of the Road [Edit categories] [Edit]   This is something every quinolone victim has been through.   1. file a voluntary Medwatch ( report or call 800-fda-1088 2. contact state medical licensing board and file a complaint. 3. contact the state health dept. 4. file [...]

Your health

Letter by Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter. Going into a doctor’s office or hospital can be risky business. The use of medications and and procedures is far too liberal and at times without consideration of the foremost rule of medicine: First, do no harm. This is the ”Hippocratic oath” that physicians are supposed to abide by. Hardly any of [...]

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