New article on Fluoroquinolone induced peripheral neuropathy and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Ayad Ali wrote an article published this month on Fluoroquinolones causing peripheral neuropathy and Guillain-Barre syndrome. More and more information keeps coming out on the damage that this class of antibiotics causes.     

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Levaquin Toxicity

I read on the FQ Facebook forums of a couple of victims who did hyperbaric ( HBOT) treatment. Both of them had some level of improvement. Niether of them were close to being cured though. Fluoroquinolone toxicity is often so severe and diffuse that there really is no single cure. I figured I would give HBOT a try as I have been on pain medications for many years from my Levaquin poisoning. I have completed thirty treatment sessions in a hard shell chamber. The office staff is really wonderful. None of them ever heard of Levaquin toxicity. I gave them lots of cards and literature on this poisoning. I plan on doing ten more treatment sessions for a total of fourty. The hard shell chamber is equiped with a small Tv so that patients can watch dvd videos. So far, I haven’t seen any reduction in pain. My head tremor is slightly reduced but none of my other symptoms have lessened. I was told that the benefits of HBOT are sometimes seen after treatment. I hope this is true. In addition to HBOT, one of my many doctors prescribed supplemental oxygen. The oxygen company provided a portable unit along with the free standing machine. Maybe it will provide some benefit along with the HBOT. I would be estatic if there was even a 10 percent reduction in symptoms. 

I am contemplaing bee venom therapy as my next move. I have watched quite a few videos of bee sting treatment for pain. Bee venom therapists are known as Apitherapists. I am not sure if I can stand the sting of live bees. I may have to if I want to try and reduce my pain medications. I hope 2014 is a good year for the floxed community.

Dr. Marc Rodwin: Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine.

Dr. Marc Rodwin has written extensively about off-label marketing and the medical industrial complex.  He has a new book out below.  It looks to be a fantastic read for anyone interested in this subject.

Camu Camu for Vitamin C

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I have been reading a lot of information on the benefits of Vitamin C. Some say the best way to take vitamin C is from a whole plant food source. I was reading about a fruit called Camu Camu. Apparently this fruit has the highest known food source of vitamin C on the planet. The vitamin C content in a teaspoon of Camu Camu is 30 to 50 times more than the vitamin C from a glass of orange juice. I recently ordered some organic non GMO Camu Camu from Navita Naturals. There are several different suppliers of Camu Camu to order from. I will post any positive results. Below is some information on Camu Camu.

Camu camu: An incredible source of vitamin C and flavonoids

4/6/2013 – Camu camu, also called camocamo and cacari, is a small tree that grows alongside rivers in the central and western Amazon basin in South America.

Latest research on camu camu

The true history of camu camu, nature’s most potent source of natural Vitamin C

10/2/2012 – A nutritiously dense superfruit from the Amazon rainforest, camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is the most potent botanical source of Vitamin C in the world. With 30 to 50 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Camu Camu – Defend yourself with the superfood from Peru

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My Meeting with a former Johnson & Johnson District Manager for Levaquin.

Several months ago I compiled a list of former Levaquin sales reps and managers. I signed up for the social media resource LinkedIn. I had hoped to establish communications with a former Levaquin representative. I generated a list of about 30 former Johnson & Johnson employees who sold Levaquin. I figured I would be very difficult to get into any meaningful discussion with a current Johnson & Johnson employee so past employees would be the best avenue to pursue. I collected contact information for the former J&J reps and emailed a few on my list. I told them about the severe disabling reactions that has happened to so many of us. I gave them the Freedom of Information documentation, PBS news segment, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Plumb letters ect. The first couple of people that I talked to told me they were unaware of the true extent of this toxicity. I pretty much knew that Johnson & Johnson senior management would not properly inform the sales team of the true toxicity of this antibiotic. Downplaying the true risk profile of this drug means more sales which mean more profit. When I communicated with a few of the Levaquin reps, they were reluctant to divulge any important and meaningful marketing information. I pretty much assumed that it would be unlikely that the former sales reps would be open to a lengthy discussion. However, the third person that I talked to was a different story. This person had some health issues that they were dealing with and I soon formed a bond with this person. I exchanged emails and over time developed a good friendship. I think this person really understood the difficulties and life challenges of health problems and really empathized with me. Since there aren’t many District Managers for Levaquin, I don’t want to get this person in any trouble by revealing his/her gender. I know whistleblowers often face some form of retribution. Especially at Johnson & Johnson. The book Blood Feud by Kathleen Sharpe is a great example.
Last week I met the former Levaquin District Manager for lunch. I brought some health documentaries for this person to keep for his/her own health. I figured if this person was nice enough to meet with me, I needed to reciprocate in some fashion. The person was shocked when they saw that I was taking so many pain medications for my nerve and tendon damage. As the lunch went on, this person showed me many emails from Johnson & Johnson sent to him/her regarding Levaquin promotional campaigns, safety information, and a Levaquin visual aid. This is something that I had dreamed about for a long time. The opportunity to sit face to face with a Levaquin sales rep or a District Manager. The meeting confirmed what I knew to be true. That Johnson & Johnson deliberately downplayed important drug safety information. Senior Management at Johnson & Johnson showed complete contempt for their patients. They completely betrayed their famous credo.
At this point, I am not quite sure what to do with the Levaquin promotional information. For starters, I think I will send the material to RedLaw, a law firm that is considering Levaquin and Cipro lawsuits. I hope to be able to put the Levaquin documention to good use for all the fluoroquinolone victims across the country.    

Fluoroquinolone study – UCSD

Below is a Fluoroquinolone study that is headed by a very prestigious doctor. This physician helped to prove that Gulf War Syndrome was real when many said it was just psychological.  Nothing like this in the Fluoroquinolone community has happened before and if we don’t get enough people to participate,  it may be a very long time before we get another opportunity like this again. Please register for the study yourselves and share on your social media networks. Here is the link:

Welcome to the UCSD Fluoroquinolone Effects Study

New FDA warnings on Cipro may tie into Gulf War Illness according to the publication “Military Times”

Military Times article on Cipro and Gulf War illness.

Risperdal Settlement – Alex Gorsky

Wall Street Journal article on the $2.2 Billion dollar settlement regarding Risperdal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinical Trial for Traumatic Brain Injury.

Below is a link to a clinical trial using hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of  traumatic brain injury. For fluoroquinolone injured victims who have documented central nervous system damage, this NIH study may be something to consider. Especially if you reside near an active hbot recruiting site and meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The cost of hyperbaric oxygen for self-pay runs anywhere from $120.00 to $250.00 per hour.

Husband of quinolone victim runs a marathon to support the QVF.

Why Matt Sorrell is running a marathon for the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation.

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