Below is a new website regarding fluoroquinolones. We are working on news segments around the country to raise further awareness about this toxicity. We are getting some major news stations to run stories on this antibiotic poisoning. Please visit the website when you have time. Thank you.  www.Levaquinstories.com

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  1. Paul Cahan says:

    I think it’s really funny how all the hard work and great research and advocacy on Johnson and Johnson has been intentionally buried by certain JF person so he can appear to be the only one with advocacy courage against the mighty monster Johnson and Johnson. If we are to win this war, we have to fight as a team.
    some people do not know what the term TEAM is all about.
    I was the first one to have the courage to attend a shareholder meeting at J&J and stand up and speak in front of the entire board and CEO about Levaquin and Floxin. I spent 6 months composing a shareholder PROXY for shareholdersto VOTE on strengthening the information warnings on the bottles. I fought the company (J&J) and the Securities and Exchange Commission and Johnson and Johnson lawyers. I lost, but I was the first to fight them in hand to hand combat.. the following year fratti went to J&J and copied what I said. Now I read in reports all the stuff he learned from me and not once gives any reference to my hard work while in excruciating pain. I think that is unconscionable and unethical to follow another person’s path and not say one word about their fine work in trying to end this epidemic. Some people are really so narcissistic it’s sad. I makes good smart people like me totally drop out of advocacy work when they are neglected and thrown by the wayside and ignored. Just that some people want to appear to be smarter than anyone else… they take other’s ideas and pretend that I and many others don’t exist. Let me tell you…I am not dead yet. I am still alive, and I am calling on you JF to apologize for your total neglect of other peoples’ hard work in laying the groundwork for what you and others are doing now. The old people in the beginning of this were just thrown out. Divided we fall.. and that’s exactly what the drug companies want… for people to treat each other badly, then have disharmony, and have their ‘army’ of fighters hurt and divided and fall apart. Keep up the good work of having a dysfunctional advocacy group where you steal and neglect the old timers work and neglect history so all you do is spin our wheels and make progress much slower than if you had known how to work co-operatively. It’s never to late to apologize. I think Bob Grozier, rest in peace, would agree that it is never to late to repent Mr JF for your crimes against honesty, respect, and paying homage to those who laid the groundwork for YOUR work that you simply copied.

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