Eat Wild. Support local farmers.

So many of us Floxies ( Fluoroquinolone injured victims ) have ravaged guts. We need to be very careful about what we put in our bodies. Many of us suffer from leaky gut syndrome. The majority of us that are moderately and severely affected do not tolerate chemicals, growth hormones, GMO’s, antibiotics that are in animal feed. Below is a great resource for purchasing organic animal products. You can click on that state you live in for a directory of local farmers that have grass fed beef and chemical free animal products. Personally, I sometimes react to organic animal products that I buy in supermarkets. Perhaps it is because some suppliers use a vegetable feed that consists of soy instead of a grass fed diet. I don’t eat much animal products but I know it is important to at least get a little in my diet to help with vitamin B12. It is always good to support local farmers so if you do purchase animal products, you may want to visit this website.

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  1. Julie says:

    I just came across your blog as I was debating whether or not to fill a levaquin prescription. Thankfully, I found the information in time! Thank you!
    I am glad to see that you also see the negative effects of GMOs and the poisons in our food. My sister’s family is currently running across the U.S. To bring awareness to the dangers. Take a look at their website and blog…they may soon be running by you. I’m sure you would connect on many levels!
    Thanks again for using your story to help others!

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