Hyperbaric Oxygen for Levaquin Toxicity

I read on the FQ Facebook forums of a couple of victims who did hyperbaric ( HBOT) treatment. Both of them had some level of improvement. Niether of them were close to being cured though. Fluoroquinolone toxicity is often so severe and diffuse that there really is no single cure. I figured I would give HBOT a try as I have been on pain medications for many years from my Levaquin poisoning. I have completed thirty treatment sessions in a hard shell chamber. The office staff is really wonderful. None of them ever heard of Levaquin toxicity. I gave them lots of cards and literature on this poisoning. I plan on doing ten more treatment sessions for a total of fourty. The hard shell chamber is equiped with a small Tv so that patients can watch dvd videos. So far, I haven’t seen any reduction in pain. My head tremor is slightly reduced but none of my other symptoms have lessened. I was told that the benefits of HBOT are sometimes seen after treatment. I hope this is true. In addition to HBOT, one of my many doctors prescribed supplemental oxygen. The oxygen company provided a portable unit along with the free standing machine. Maybe it will provide some benefit along with the HBOT. I would be estatic if there was even a 10 percent reduction in symptoms. 

I am contemplaing bee venom therapy as my next move. I have watched quite a few videos of bee sting treatment for pain. Bee venom therapists are known as Apitherapists. I am not sure if I can stand the sting of live bees. I may have to if I want to try and reduce my pain medications. I hope 2014 is a good year for the floxed community.

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  1. Charlie - Iam TXZN says:

    Here’s what happened to me

    If I may, I would like to share what I’ve been able to discover & understand about the connection between Fluoroquinolones, thyroid dysfunction & the symptoms most seem to exhibit.
    Eighteen years ago I was floxed for a 3rd (& of course final) time, like you I spent 16 years suffering to a severe degree the exact same symptoms – plus, broken sleep, brain fog, IBS, horrible pain from literally head to toe.
    I’ve never had much need for doctors as I rarely was ill, so that made it kind of easy to back track my history. Turned out that I had been floxed 3 times with in 12 years – the first was @ 20, I noticed some minor symptoms, but being young just played they off as nothing conclusive.
    The second time I had not only physical symptoms that reappeared accompanied by psychological changes – nothing drastic but notable to my close friends (later to be revealed), the third (& final time) I noticed serious symptoms the morning after the first dose, just didn’t know to tie them to the A/B.
    After the last dosing, I went from being physically active, articulate, creative & responsible – to unable to even just walk my dogs, not being able to find words to tell what was going on with me & no longer able to actively care for my household.
    As the years passed with no actual improvement, a new thing reared it’s ugly head – clinical depression. Despite what psych meds they prescribed, nothing worked – in fact that made things horribly worse (I was totally unaware just how bad). The sleep aids the prescribed did nothing but render me unconscious – never achieving REM sleep. Throughout all of this I still had some clarity, creativity, reasoning & began researching Fluoroquinolones & it’s side effects. I discovered the key ingredient is fluorine(fluoride is a compound of), & that fluorine has been proven to leach iodine from the body. Knowing what role iodine plays in the body (feeds the thyroid) I then researched thyroid functions & came across a checklist of dysfunctional thyroid symptoms – There are 26 Common Characteristics of dysfunctional thyroid

    1) Feeling tired (fatigue) and sluggishness, 2) Weight gain or loss, 3) Slow movement and speech, brain fog 4) Constipation or IBS, 5) Increased sensitivity to cold, 6) Puffy face, 7) Swelling around the eyes, 8. Loss of eyebrows, 9) Joint and muscle pain, aches, and stiffness, 10) Pale, dry, rough, and thick skin, 11) Dry, thinning, or coarse hair, 12) Brittle nails, 13) A horse voice, 14) An enlarged tongue, 15) Decrease in taste, 16) Decreased sweating, 17) Heavy or irregular menstrual periods 18) Infertility, 19) Miscarriage in early pregnancy, 20) Depression, 21) Slowed heart rate, 22) Swollen ankles, 23) Decreased hearing, 24 Mild high blood pressure, 25) Difficulty catching your breath (severe shortness of breath) when exercising, 26) Decreased ability to exercise – I exhibited 18 of the 26 – How many have you exhibited?
    Having been a confirmed carnivore all my life, I new that change was needed – now. Three years ago I began juicing, eating a lot of greens, yellows orange & reds – no changes were observed, leaving 2 possibilities: 1) the Fluoroquinolones have affected my ability to absorb nutrients 2) the food supply no longer is providing adequate nutrients – I believe it to be both.
    Even though 10 years of labs returned “in range”, I took matters into my own hands. Two years ago I began supplementing liquid iodine, I showed an immediate positive response – the night of my first dose I had the first nights rest in 16 years. I continued to show diminished symptoms & elimination of some. I’ve since added vitamin A,B, C, D3, & magnesium that also helps the adrenals adjust to the stresses of the body.(I’ve recently added the Ashwagandha herb to further aid against adrenal stress & so far I am seeing positive results)
    Today, my biggest issue is the tendon problems; light to moderate activity continues to create tendonitis everywhere on me. I (unlike many) find beneficial relief from steroid injections 3 times a year & have learned proper treatments to do for such flare-ups in between. I’ve also found further evidence that helps explain iodine deficiency & why we’re hit so hard (it does for me) from an article by Dr. John Douillard http://lifespa.com/iodine-deficiency/
    I hope this can be of assistance in your search to reclaim your life, best wishes & luck in your quest – Iam TXZN

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  3. Al. says:

    I did HBOT for Avascular Necrosis. 100 treatments at 2 ATA. I also have chronic back pain. I noticed that about the 60 treatment, that my pain medication began to be needed less. In fact by about 50%. After 100 treatments, my back pain was about 75% gone as well as stopping the progression of my AVN Hip. Maybe you should consider more than 40 treatments. I know of some that got relief quicker, but this is my experience. I am trying to find out if this would be a good treatment for my new fiend, Cipro Poisoning.

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  8. Valery says:

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  9. I was thinking about it. Looking into it right now. I tried a glutathione IV this morning with some other stuff as well, waiting to see how it works. So far I am a little nauseous and have the flu-like feeling, as was expected (Nikki said this would happen). And also like her, I think it’s good to feel this because it means something is working in your body. People feel sick when they are starting to heal (with colds, flu, etc.) so this should be with everything. Again, I am not taking any pain medications to mask these feelings either. Just like this site mentions and my own self understanding, medications toxify your liver, etc. (not against them or saying don’t take it) but I am trying to go about this as naturally as possible. No pain, no gain right?


    Also, it would be interesting to see what scientists think when they look at the structure of the fluoroquinilone (the pic Nikki posted) it seems that everything is either positive or negatively charged, and if someone could only figure out what the opposite of the FQ is, maybe this could be a cure or at least stronger chelater.

    One more thing, I am also taking bentonite clay in the morning and before (at least 30 mins) I take any supplements that may detox. The clay does not get absorbed in the GI tract and will bind to toxins and such and aid in flushing them out. This should make the detox experience a little less intense as it won’t be re-released into your body.

  10. Leah pearce says:

    I just had my first HBOT today, I’m mainly hoping for help with the horribly severe depression iv begun to have. I’m just into my second year of being poisoned by these drugs. I can no longer walk or do anything at all of a physical nature. This after riding my own motorcycle for ten years, what a joy, at the age of 70 now. Most days I cry at some point. The worst thing yet tho, and truly unbelievable, is the recent treatment of my doctor. She took it upon herself to have me blackballed from the Baton Rouge Clinic, a large pathetically haughty group of doctors, because she did not like what I had to say about their lack of knowledge regarding this poison they continue to prescribe..if I had the energy I would sue them, but I don’t. This is their completely dismissive attitude taken to extremes with regard to anyone suffering from cipro poisoning, avalox, or levaquin. Throw them under the bus and look the other way. I’m only thankful that I lived a long wonderful life before this happened to me. I grieve for the younger people still raising their families

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