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Natural News – Fluoroquinolones: How I Became Disabled Overnight

Below is a very good article on Fluoroquinolone toxicity by Erin Wilson.

Johnson & Johnson slapped with subpoena on Nucynta marketing.

More investigations by the Feds into Johnson & Johnson’s marketing practices. This time it is the drug Nucynta. It looks like the investigators are also reviewing study data on Nucynta’s safety. It would be nice if someday Levaquin is reviewed more thoroughly.

Johnson & Johnson Settles Suit Alleging Management Incompetence and Deception.

This is a great read on the dishonorable and unethical business practices of Johnson & Johnson. Instead of abiding by their beloved Credo, Johnson & Johnson puts forth an immense television media campaign to repair their broken image. Instead, they should be working on fixing all of the people that have been broken by their [...]

Fluoroquinolone Fundraiser for Jennifer W.

Below is a link to a fundraiser for one of the hardest working advocates in the Fluoroquinolone community. Jennifer W. has been working tirelessly helping to support fluoroquinolone victims across the world. Every victim is deserving of a fundraiser. However, Jennifer has worked so hard for so long at the expense of her own health. Lets give back to Jennifer like [...]

Fluoroquinolone relapse video.

Below is a sad video from a very courageous young lady named Elizabeth. A relapse has left her back to where she was during the beginning stages of her Levaquin poisoning.  Relapses are unfortunately common in this toxicity. Small triggers can sometimes leave severe and long term effects. I am confident that Elizabeth will get [...]

Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox: These widely prescribed antibiotic pills may ruin your life one day.

Floxed Scrapbook.

Chris Dannelly RIP – Life stolen by Levaquin. And now a family without a father thanks to J&J.

Useful Fluoroquinolone toxicity website.

Visit for good information about Levaquin and Fluoroquinolone toxicity.  

2013 Johnson & Johnson shareholder meeting.

The 2013 Johnson and Johnson shareholder meeting was held last week. The event is always the last Thursday in April. Fortunately, the trip is about two hours for me. With my condition, I am unable to make the trip the same day.  I travel the day before and get a hotel room. Because of Levaquin [...]

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