Drug Reps downplay side effects.

Below is an important study on the interaction between drug reps and doctors. This particular study points out that pharma reps are not communicating important safety information about their products.  If drug reps are misrepresenting their products, doctors can often make decisions that are not in the best interests of their patients. There needs to be a better system in place that can effectively deal with these kinds of practices.

I wonder how often and to what extent Ortho McNeil sales reps were instructed to downplay critically important drug safety information.  I am sure it was substantial given Johnson & Johnson’s past history.


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One Response to “Drug Reps downplay side effects.”

  1. Teri T says:

    Thank you so much for your site! A few days ago, I was prescribed Levofloxacin for pneumonia, but after three doses of 500mg I was starting to experiencing some symptoms that were really alarming, including confusion, dizziness and a dramatic increase in coughing so intense that I was afraid of rupturing my diaphragm. I don’t know if that’s possible, but the pain is intense. This made me take to the Internet, where I found your blog. This is one of two antibiotics I was prescribed, and my intuition was that it was the one causing at least most of the problems. I used alternative methods to verify this. Anyway, after that, and after studying your website, I have decided not to continue with the rest of the course. I know it’s strongly recommended not to stop mid-treatment, but in this case, I feel it’s necessary. Hopefully, the other one, which I am continuing to take, will be sufficient from that point of view. I don’t want to replace it with something else. The medicine I really needed was finally located, and I also have an excellent ayurvedic physician working on neutralizing the side effects, so I feel confident I’ll be OK. I rarely take allopathic medicine and I wouldn’t have done so in this case, but the ayurvedic medicine I needed was not immediately available and my condition was quickly deteriorating enough that there seemed to be no choice. Last time I had any allopathic medicine was maybe eight years ago, and it nearly killed me. I dread calling the doctor and telling her what I’ve done, as I know she will strongly object. However, my father, who was a doctor (a very good one who deeply cared about his patients), taught me to be very proactive about my health care, especially regards medications. I’m the kind of patient doctors tend to dislike because I’m really stubborn and opinionated about stuff like this. I am a strong believer in natural health care. It is sad that natural health care is considered alternative and that this allopathic garbage is the standard. All best wishes for your complete recovery.

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