Johnson & Johnson Boycott

This video below by Global Television in Toronto is an investigative journalism segment on fluoroquinolone toxicity. Levofloxacin is the generic name of Levaquin. Ortho McNeil is the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that marketed Levaquin. Mark G. and Locke C. did an outstanding job in this video. Thank you to them for their courage in speaking out in this subject. I feel exactly as Mark does. These people need to be put in jail for their actions. Below is the Global Television segment.
Recently, I made a trip to a photographer’s studio just a couple miles down the road. The photographer was very empathetic. He filmed me for a Boycott Johnson & Johnson Youtube video. In the video, I share similar feelings to what Mark said. That these people need to be put in prison. Please help raise awareness by supporting the hard working innocent people who have been victimized due to all the deceit by Johnson & Johnson senior management. The public needs to know about the dangerous products that Johnson & Johnson has put on the market. Too many lives have been impacted. Below is the Youtube video. Please share on Twitter, Facebook, ect. Thank you very much for your advocacy. It is very much appreciated.

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  1. bill d says:

    Ok ok .. you can go on on till your blue in face but they will never stop producing levaquin or any other florquinone , they are a tool in medicine , and what’s more important is how your are getting better , have you tried or do.e anything to get improvment ?? Will you ever be able work and family …what research is being done to fix problem ??? This is more important ..we all could rant and rave about McDonald’s and burger king …tbey still will always sell big macs , whoppers

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