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Stop buying Johnson & Johnson consumer goods.

Johnson & Johnson has shown utter contempt for consumers of their products. The cover of Bloomberg/BusinessWeek states: After more than 50 recalls in 15 months, can Johnson & Johnson, “the Family Company,” still be Trusted? The obvious answer is NO! A resounding NO! The ”Levaquin Hurts” site here receives over 1,000 hits a day. We are making a difference. [...]

Fluoroquinolone Law Registry Notice.

Below is a message that was put up on the fluoroquinolone facebook forum today. Debra Anderson spoke with the Law Firm today. They are asking for any and all documentation that we have. PLEASE SEND ANY MEDICAL, SCIENTIFIC OR PHARMACEUTICAL DOCUMENTATION that shows these drugs as being toxic and dangerous. Please send to Thank you.

Dr. Michael Scally blog on Fluoroquinolones and liver injury.

Maybe this doctor would be worth contacting to raise awareness on Fluoroquinolone toxicity. I believe Cipro is in the same category as Levaquin and Avelox when it comes to liver injury.

New York Times & Forbes – Fluoroquinolone toxicity.

The Fluoroquinolone antibiotic toxicity movement is picking up some much needed steam. Recently the New York Times and Forbes ran articles on this class of antibiotics. The New York Times article alone drew over 600 comments. Most articles don’t draw anywhere near those numbers. It shows you how severe and widespread this toxicity really is. Both articles are a good [...]

Johnson and Johnson Products

Johnson & Johnson has become a company that is no longer worthy of trust. According to, J&J is the most sued company in the state of New Jersey. J&J should not need oversight to display ethics, honor and true concern for the people that provide their income: their customers. Over the past decade, the company has shown utter [...]

Levaquin / J&J numbers climbing

The message about Levaquin and Johnson & Johnson’s unethical business practices is growing. Keep spreading the word about this blog and other related sites to your friends. Ask that they do the same through social media. We need to make sure others do not suffer our fate. Below is a graph that shows the message about this subject [...]

Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon

Last April, I made a difficult trip to the Johnson & Johnson sharheolder meeting. I bought a few shares of stock which entitles me to attend the annual shareholder meeting. Fortunately the trip was not far and luckily I had some help getting there. Attending shareholder meetings as an advocate is not my idea. Many people from different [...]

Message from Peter from the United Kingdom

Message from Peter from the UK. This is very sad and shocking news. The Fluroquinolones should have been banned long ago and never even created in the first place. The numbers of people all over the world damaged by these drugs is unbelievable and yet the doctors still give them out like sweets. No matter [...]

Johnson & Johnson fraud charges –

Yet another example of Johnson & Johnson abandoning their famous credo and putting patients at risk.

Def Leppard Keyboardist Dick Decent

As was reported on the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Facebook site, Dick Decent recently passed away. Dick played occasionally on keyboards with the well known band Def Leppard.  Dick Decent suffered a severe adverse reaction to Cipro and Ofloxacin. It is hard to know whether this was the cause of his death. It certainly didn’t help his health. Rest in peace Dick Decent. [...]

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