Johnson & Johnson’s Levaquin trip out West.

Recently, I received an email from the Levaquin Senior Counsel about the shareholder meeting discussion with outgoing CEO William Weldon. Not surprisingly, this attorney said that Johnson & Johnson adheres to their Credo and puts patient safety first. 

Many years ago, I was on a group conference call with several very committed advocates who were suffering from Levaquin toxicity. I think there were about five of us on the conference call. One of them was a medical doctor who was injured by Levaquin. The physician on the conference call told us that Johnson & Johnson had flown two corporate executives out to see him. The doctor was still able to work but was having a lot of difficulty with his Levaquin injuries. This physician  told us that he had been telling the other doctors at the hospital where he worked about what had happened to him from Levaquin. The result was that some of the doctors at the hospital had decreased their prescriptions of Levaquin. The physican told us that he met a couple of other people in his area who had been injured from Levaquin. Apparently, Johnson & Johnson felt that he was a key opinion leader who could influence sales of Levaquin and increase awareness about Levaquin toxicity. It is interesting to note that J&J felt he was important enough to warrant a couple of company executives to fly out west to visit him. The doctor told us that the J&J corporate executives acted as though they had hardly ever heard of Levaquin toxicity. He said that they were much less interested in his own personal well-being than they were about trying to keep this all swept under the rug. He told us that it was a very negative experience listening to them. The doctor also told us that he found out that his name was being brought up at a Johnson & Johnson district meeting. I remember back from when I was a drug rep, we used to have quarterly district meetings. Just about every pharma company has them. They are called POA meetings, which stands for Plan of Action. The POA meetings would be held by the District Manager and would include all the drug reps in the district. The meetings were centered on how to increase sales of prescriptions. I can only imagine that J&J brought this doctor’s name up in order to figure out a way to lessen his impact on Levaquin prescriptions. Certainly, J&J would not want the public, or the media, to know the real tragedy of people becoming disabled from their drug Levaquin. That would cause reputational harm to the company. This is yet another example of J&J  not adhering to their credo by putting profits before people. 

Never forget to boycott Johnson & Johnson consumer products. There are many other brands available to choose from as alternatives. Your advocacy is very much appreciated!

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6 Responses to “Johnson & Johnson’s Levaquin trip out West.”

  1. bill d says:

    Theres never anything you can do to battle j@j and the lecaquin community are too small , its the same reason there’s no.cure , theres no money in it because its too few numbers , ..its all fu#k up I know , but what’s more important is how you can improve from this damage , …blog on your impeovmenrs if so

  2. Shalonda says:

    My name is Shalonda and i have been poisoned by the Leviquin and cipro.. I can’t get my doctor to belieave this, possibly because he prescribed the leviquin 750mg to me, and after having pain from this med I went to the local hospital and they placed me on Cipro, predizone and a musel relaxer for the pain I was having. This all took place back in feb 2012 and march 2012. Needless to say I am still in pain.. I have wide spread joint pain, sever pain in both shoulders, neck, chest, back, knee, ankel, head aches, swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits and growing area, tingling in both hands, legs and,feet. I alao have panic and anxiety attacks. I have been diagnosed with neropothy, acid reflux, acid erosion? Panic and anxiety disorder, inflamation in my back shoulders, and chest. I went from taking no pills in feb 2012 to taking 8 pills a day some of which I have to take 2x a day.. I have had every test possible ran. I have had a cat scan of my head for the un bearable head aches, a cat scan of my chest to rule out blood clots, cancer and heart trouble. I have had to see a neurologist who freed me from the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.. I have seen a orthopidic specialist who freed me of bone problems amd inflamation in my bones. I have veen tested for R.A, and lopus. I have recently had a mammogram, plevic exam and, abdominal cat scan done,to ryle out any cancers,and tumors. This has been so scary, and very painful experience for me.. No one believes it seems im in pain. I have made at least 100 e.r visits and still nothing. I was even told by my local hospital not to come back for this pain or problem there was nothong they could do. So finally to get rid of me they put me I was given ibuprofen for pain. That did not help, so I call my doc and tell him tgis is what they gave me and its not working, so he up the dose to, 600mg and tells me to try this, it still did not help and he had me on it for7 months which I was told was way to long and is why im having my stomach and abdominal pain . What a experience.. All because of the med I was giving Leviquin and Cipro.. After reading the post and blogs I have read I now know,whats wrong with me.. So how do I get better and back to being a single healthy mother of 4?

  3. bill d says:

    In the most brutal and honest truth I can say is you will never get back to normal , you are now destroyed …death is only way out ….or hope in time things get somewhat better , this is chemicalbdamage and we are not designed to heal from it ….

  4. Khadijah Wickey says:

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  5. Blaine Stepanik says:

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