Johnson & Johnson: Direct Physician Campaign

Lying down here in bed, I have been thinking long and hard about how to make an impact against the unethical business practices of Johnson & Johnson. So many familes suffering from Levaquin and other dangerous J&J products. One advocacy initiative that I think may have some impact is a direct marketing campaign to physicians across the country. Back when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep, the pressure on us to sell was intense. Drug reps are pitted against one another in their own company. There is a ranking from the top sales person all the way down to the lowest ranking drug rep. The goal is not about educating doctors, it all comes down to selling doctors. I sold a statin drug called Crestor. Our competitor, Pfizer, engaged in a fax campaign targeting physicians across the country. They sent faxes about safety concerns with Crestor. The campaign was successful in getting a sizeable number of physicians to reduce their prescriptions of Crestor. It is amazing how much just one high prescribing doctor is worth to every drug company.  There are quite a few doctor list companies. I am grateful that my mother and sister are strongly committed to this cause. My parents bought a phsycian database list and hired a person to start a nationwide email/fax campaign. Since J&J sales reps downplay important drug side effect information to physicians, it is vital that they receive more accurate information. Levaquin, defective hip implants, and many other dangerous J&J products will be a part of the campaign. We have the  email/fax letter already written. It is structered incorporating bullet points along with  various sentences from national & regional news articles about Johnson & Johnson drug safety issues. This will help with validity and credibility with doctors. Hopefully this will both raise awareness and impact J&J financially. Below are some physician list companies if anyone is interested in learning more about this type of business. As always, make sure to Stop buying Johnson & Johnson consumer products. Thank you for your advocacy.  -  800-280-4904   -  800-757-7496    -  800-705-3101

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  1. bill d says:

    I wonder do you think you will ever fully recover ? ,its been 7 years which is crazy …hope you can enjoy thanks giving with you family …

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