Johnson & Johnson: A Fallen American Icon.

The widespread unethical and immoral behavior by Johnson & Johnson senior management has hurt so many, including myself. Please make a conscious choice to Boycott all Johnson & Johnson consumer products. In addition, please divest any stock that you may have in this corporation.  I don’t know of any other major pharmaceutical company that has been involved in more drug safety and quality control problems than Johnson & Johnson has over the last several years. These actions have consequences. I have been in pain everyday for over seven years. I lost over $400,00 in lost wages and another $40,000 in out of pocket medical and insurance costs. My financial loss pales in comparison to the suffering I have endured. I have communicated with hundreds of other people devastated by Levaquin toxicity. Immense suffering, broken homes, enourmous medical bills, bankruptucy. There is nothing more sacred than a person’s health and many of us feel that we had ours stolen from us.

Johnson & Johnson used to be an honorable and reputable american icon. No more! Bribes, kickbacks, phantom recalls, massive medicare fraud, toxic products, downplayed drug risks, have dominated the news over the last few years under Johnson & Johnson senior leadership. They have knowingly and needlessly betrayed the public trust due to an appalling level of greed. Where is their moral compass? What happened to their conscience? Johnson & Johnson is not the family company that they portray themselves to be. They are in fact the exact opposite. I am sure there are many good, hard-working, Johnson & Johnson rank and file employees. It is senior management at this company that is to blame. The country of Iceland put many of their bank executives in jail for crimes such as fraud and falsifying documents. You can read about their jail terms on the internet.  Iceland put the needs of their people ahead of the greed of a few. I feel this country needs to do the same with some of J&J senior management.

Again, please make a conscious choice to boycott all Johnson & Johnson consumer products. Deep down, you will feel good knowing that you are supporting all of us who are suffering. In addition, please make sure to divest any J&J stock that you may own. Raising awareness is vital. Your family’s health may depend on it.

Please visit: to learn the truth about this company. Thank you for your advocacy!




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