Message from Peter from the United Kingdom

Message from Peter from the UK.

This is very sad and shocking news. The Fluroquinolones should have been banned long ago and never even created in the first place. The numbers of people all over the world damaged by these drugs is unbelievable and yet the doctors still give them out like sweets. No matter how much one tells the doctors that these are seriously damaging people they do not care. It is all money for them.

The Fluroquinolones change the DNA, they seriously damage the vital and fragile gut flora leading to all kinds of chronic illness. The Fluroquinolones cause the tendons to rupture and the nerves to be damaged. They cause peripheral neuropathy and twitching and all manner of central nervous system and gut problems. The side effects are not always felt immediately and can come on months later and so doctors get away with dismissing the symptoms as they come on later. Some get a tremendous body reaction straight away and body rashes where the immune system is just being broken down.

There has to be a pressure group set up in the UK to demand that these are banned but that those damaged are compensated and that those who have died as a result of the damage caused by them are give some kind of justice, which sadly is too late for them. These are some of the most evil drugs to be given by the medical profession, but how many others are out there. The drug industry is interested in money and the doctors are also interested in making money – our health is not important. Please anyone reading this get the message out about the dangers of fluroquinolones – any of them. The drug companies have to answer for this.

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  1. Prashant says:

    Hi,Thanks for you Comments.Lines from Verses for Self-Fulfilment’ are really nice.I think the story says a lot more than just ஊக்கம். Lets see what they talk about duirng the next lunch session and discuss more!!Cheers,Saravanan.

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