Some possible Fluoroquinolone advocacy contacts.

Here are some possible places for Fluoroquinolone victims to contact for advocacy purposes. Thanks for everyone’s advocacy efforts. The first two are employees at the FDA who should be doing more on the Fluoroquinolone toxicity issue. The other contacts below are a mix of media & advocacy possibilities. I think networking is one of the best things that we can try and do. If some of these places heard from us in numbers, they may be more apt to help. I apologize about the spacing problems for the text below. The WordPress blog is not working correctly.
FDA – Dr. Janet Woodcock. She is head of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. I read that many say she is a friend of the drug industry.  It would be good for her to hear our devastating life altering stories. Her email address is
FDA – Dr. Edward Cox. He is the department head of Antimicrobial Products for the Food & Drug Administration. He certainly should be doing more about FQ toxicity. He is essentially asleep at the wheel. His contact information is the following:  Phone number is 301-796-1300. FDA employees work for the public interest and as taxpayers paying their salaries, we should demand answers.
Dr. Kevin Pho: Dr. Pho has probably one of the biggest medical blogs on the internet. He is a contributing writer for USA
Today. His email is
Dr. Matthew Mintz: He writes a very popular medical blog. He has profiled some dangerous drugs in the past. I have contacted him several times and he keeps saying that he will do a blog post on fluoroquinolone toxicity but hasn’t gotten around to doing it. My mother mailed him a packet of FQ literature a while back and sent him the link to the PBS news segment. Several years ago he thought that the FDA caved into Public Citizen’s petition for the Black Box warning for tendon injuries. It was great that many injured people wrote to him and blistered him about how much they have suffered. He needs to do a blog post on this subject to raise awareness. His email is:
Wells Wilkinson – He was going to file a Citizen’s Petition for Levaquin regarding a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy. He was going to have an intern help with the project. Wells Wilkinson got too busy to work on the project at the time. This was a about two years ago. He is a very nice guy. He wanted to know if we had any major media on FQ toxicity. I do not think he has seen the PBS special yet. He is a good person to contact. Maybe he would have interest in the recent New York Times blog piece on Fluoroquinolones. There are over 500 comments on that particular story.

Wells Wilkinson │ Director │Prescription Access Litigation

Community Catalyst │30 Winter Street, 10th Floor│ Boston, MA 02108

617.275.2822 phone

857.540.2333 │ fax
Karen Felber: She is the media director for the Kathleen Slattery Moschkau Show. Kathleen is a former drug rep that used to sell a fluoroquinolone. I believe she sold Tequin. Kathleen left pharmaceutical sales to start her own radio show. The Kathleen show is on over 100 radio shows across the country. She has a very good webpage and a facebook site as well. Her website is address is The name and email address for Kathleen’s PR person is Karen Felber at


David Risk: David Risk is a documentary film producer who used to work for Dr. Gary Null. David Risk was very interested in fluoroquinolone toxicity a couple of years ago and he wanted to do a film documentary on this subject. He is a very nice guy. David Risk’s email address is


Jane Smith: She works for a company called “Films of Record” in England. Her company was down at the FDA for the Avandia hearings a couple years ago. Films of Record does a lot of investigative pieces and maybe they would have interest in FQ toxicity with the recent New York Times piece on Fluoroquinolones. The website for their company is Jane Smith’s email address is


The Canary Party. They are a growing advocacy organization that is very outspoken about a number of prescription drug problems, vaccine issues, and the corrupt medical industry. This would be a great place to mention our facebook petition, PBS segment,, and anything else related to FQ toxicity. Here is the contact link:
Diana Zuckerman. She is President of a patient advocacy organization called the National Research Center for Women and Families. She has a friend who took Levaquin and suffered a negative reaction. She is a large Johnson & Johnson stockholder and is upset at J&J’s track record on drug safety issues. Her contact information is below. It would be good to network with her. Maybe she can help in some capacity. She has been quoted in the national media quite a bit.

Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D.
National Research Center for Women & Families
Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund
1001 Connnecticut Ave.,
NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036
202 223-4000

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