Levaquin induced depression

A Levaquin victim needs help for her neurological symptoms. Email address is:   sholdhead@yahoo.com

Levaquin Story:

My wife took Levaquin and it sent her into a manic state. She was as very hyperactive. This came right after seeing the blue men and seemingly having her energy zapped. So after three weeks of being off the drug, she came out of the fog. She remembers very little.
Well 3-4 months later, it started again, the manic state. She was able to work and somehow managed to keep her emotional state hidden. About six months later she entered into a slightly depressive state, but she came out of that. Fast forward two years until right now, 8-6-2012. She has entered a severely depressed state. She hardly sleeps unless I am here and the relapse has caused so much anxiety she had to be prescribed Nexxium for heartburn. She got some good rest last night, but this what I believe to depressive state is still with her. Usually after a week things start to get better. That will be Friday. Right now as I am writing this, she is sleeping. She was so stressed about going outside, she just plopped on the floor and went to sleep. I am asking for help. I can be reached at the email address above.

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