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sore throat My wife and I took one 750 mg of the drug and  1 hr later my wife was dead do to anaphylatic shock and i haven’t felt my tips of my toes in over 6 yrs. We went to the doctor with sore throats which he claimed to be strep even though there wasn’t a culture done or a quick swab. My tongue had also swollen and became grey. After my wife had passed our family doctor contacted me and told me to stop taking the drug right away. Through my research of this drug in 2004 three medical professors went to congress trying to get this drug off the market but the manufacture had to much lobbiest power to get it removed. I also was contacted after my wifes death from a lady that took 250mg and she also stopped breathing. I wouldn’t recommend this drug to be used on a animal let along a human being. M 53 1 times 750 1X D 6/2/2012 Email

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  1. Cameo says:

    wow, I am so sorry for your loss and chronic pain from taking this drug.
    I got a prescription for Levofloxacin for a minor sinus/broncitis. After talking to the pharmacist I decided to do more research. I haven’t taken the drug and will not. Thank you for sharing Cameo

  2. Belinda Agustine says:

    Virtually any discomfort or other difficulties due to a sore throat can be abated, or even cared for completely, along with effortless self-treatments you can do at home. Gargling can be a recommended apply. You might try out gargling along with tepid to warm water mixed with stand salt. Drinking plenty of water can also be essential. Get added slumber, with this promotes more quickly recovery. Popsicles or even cold refreshments are good for sore throats. ^

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  3. My brother recommended I may like this website. He was once totally right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider just
    how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  4. Gary Rokuta says:

    I WISH that after my brother bringing my Mom home with prescribed Levaquin 500mgs, I didn’t research it til after her 2nd dose was taken. Upon arrival at Urgent Care in 96744 my brother carried my Mom, 87, in.
    Why wasn’t a bacterial antibiotic w/o
    such irreversible damaging side effects
    prescribed instead of fluoride Levaquin?
    My Mom now suffers and do akc Brandy and I.

  5. Gary Rokuta says:

    Levaquin or levofloxacin 500mgs which was prescribed to my only Mom, instead should’ve been prescribed a different bacterial antibiotic w/o such adverse, damaging nerves to the brains and other deadly effects of the adverse effects of fluoroquinolones antibiotics containing fluoride. FDA for what, all about the $$$$s and it’s evil.

  6. Tina says:

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