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Care Page

Here is a great page with invaluable information. I believe having a Care Book is essential for people suffering chronic illness. Floxed by Levaquin is a wonderful blog. Many thanks to Lori for all of her advocacy and information she provides.

J&J’s Risperdal makes the news again.

Arkansas judge fined the company and a subsidiary more than $1.1 billion for downplaying and concealing risks associated with the antipsychotic drug Risperdal

Cipro and a former marine.

This is a very sad story. I talked to Mike and Connie many years ago but did not stay in touch with them for a while. They were both very nice people. I received this message from Connie below. The spacing is a little broken up. Such a tragic story of Fluoroquinolone poisoning.      My husband first took [...]

Businessweek article: FDA considers stockpiling Levaquin & Cipro.

Businessweek article. The FDA considers increasing stockpiles of Levaquin & Cipro. The FDA will hear arguments for the wider availability of ciprofloxacin and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Levaquin to treat any terrorist-initiated outbreak of pneumonic plague, according to documents on the FDA’s website.

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