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Blood Feud by Kathleen Sharp –

  Blood Feud by Kathleen Sharp A True Story About Procrit, Amgen and Johnson & Johnson Home Kathleen Sharp Blood Feud The Story Reviews Additional Works Films & Other Books Articles News Appearances Recent Articles Recent News Blog Buy Contact   <:article id=post-10> Kathleen Sharp KATHLEEN SHARP is an acclaimed author and award-winning investigative journalist. [...]

Levaquin off label use and misleading promotion.

My family has been contacting some government oversight places such as the Department of Justice, Health & Human Services, Government Accountability Office, and elected official offices. Surprisingly, I got an email from one of the offices dealing with Criminal Investigations. I have an appointment to meet with a government official in late January regarding Levaquin safety and promotion. The government official stated the meeting would last the [...]

Myasthenia gravis black box warning – Fluoroquinolones.

I believe this is the study that led to the myasthenia gravis black box warning for Fluoroquinolones. It was three FDA staff who looked at the MedWatch data and published a paper.  Jeez, what a concept!  It seems like it may be worth a try to contact these three individuals and suggest they look at more of the FQ [...]

JNJ said to agree to pay $1 billion in the Risperdal Probe.

Below is a story by Bloomberg on the probe of the Johnson & Johnson drug Risperdal.

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