Occupy New Brunswick New Jersey

Below are a few links regarding the most populated cities in New Jersey and the “Occupy“ movements for each city within the state. New Brunswick, New Jersey is the company headquarters for Johnson & Johnson. 

I posted my previous blog post on many of the Occupy movement sites on Facebook for each city in New Jersey. In terms of advocacy, it would be good if some Levaquin victims could cut and paste their story on some of the Occupy sites within New Jersey. I got some replies back from New Jersey residents that may be willing to help the Levaquin cause by protesting in New Brunswick, outside of Johnson & Johnson.  

A simple google search on the name of any city in New Jersey with the words Occupy & Facebook, will bring up each specific site. Maybe some members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New Jersey, or any other place, can make  a trip to New Brunswick, NJ to raise awareness about the terrible disabilities regarding Levaquin. Perhaps the media would cover it as well. Just a thought.    

Most populated cities in New Jersey:


Occupy New Jersey Facebook site:  http://www.facebook.com/OccupyNewJersey?sk=wall&filter=2

Occupy New Brunswick, New Jersey Facebook site: New Brunswick, NJ is the company headquarters for Johnson & Johnson.

Article on Rutgers University students and their Occupy movement.   


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  1. Wallpaper says:


    [...]Occupy New Brunswick New Jersey | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  2. Carol says:

    is the transit in New Jersey enter going to be opening anytime soon?

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