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Occupy Wall Street - A story and request concerning an appalling level of greed by Johnson & Johnson executives. 

I write this story to the Occupy Wall Street movement hoping to raise awareness of a terrible situation. Johnson & Johnson is aware that many people have suffered devastating long term injuries from their antibiotic Levaquin. I have been suffering every day for over six years from this drug. Prior to Levaquin, I was healthy and athletic. We lost our most precious asset – our health. An FDA Freedom of Information Report for Levaquin states that there have been 20,243 Individual Safety Reports filed to the FDA for this drug from 11/1/1997 to 5/31/2011.  

Johnson & Johnson has turned a blind eye to this horrendous tragedy. On various Levaquin support forums, many affected by Levaquin have lost not only their health, but also their job and income. Many face enormous medical bills. Individuals and families have been devastated physically, emotionally, and financially. Jennifer Wilcox, a young school teacher, was bedridden for over a year after taking Levaquin. Unable to work, the Wilcox family ended up losing their home. Jennifer’s story can be seen on a recent ten minute PBS national news special on this subject at the following PBS link: http://video.pbs.org/video/2007003914   

Where is the moral compass of the Johnson & Johnson company executives? Johnson & Johnson has had over 40 product recalls in the last three years. They have a very poor product safety record. “Johnson & Johnson’s Quality Catastrophe” is the title of the March 31st, 2011 cover story in BusinessWeek magazine. 


I am submitting this request to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  

A )  Please boycott all Johnson & Johnson consumer products. 

B ) Please Occupy New Brunswick, NJ and protest the reckless greed and moral cowardice of  Johnson & Johnson. New Brunswick, New Jersey is the company headquarters for Johnson & Johnson.  

I have great respect and admiration for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Thank you Occupy Wall Street for all that you are doing to make a better and more democratic America for the 99%. The reckless greed by Johnson & Johnson has hurt so many of us that are suffering each day from devastating Levaquin injuries. 



John Fratti  








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