Comment by JD on Levaquin and Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ).

This company needs to do something very quickly. I went to an ortho after waiting for months, who said there’s nothing wrong with my shoulder. Even though after only 5 pills of Levaquin I get random pains in my rotator cuff and biceps. If I do any lifting of 10lbs even I get a lot of sharp pains and inflammation.

He said 5 pills of Levaquin can’t do any damage, did not believe the burning I had in my legs and arms from this medicine after just 5 pills. He said once you stop taking the medicine the side effects should go away.

He would not even agree with the warnings they had on their medicine packaging. He would not even order an MRI. He had no clue about tendinitis issues, black box warnings.

I can’t believe how uneducated doctors are of these dangerous medicines. J&J has done little to nothing to warn doctors or patients. If they work so hard to inform doctors, why not inform the patients with better warnings as well.

I don’t see what the big deal about warning the patients who are the one’s taking the medicines.

Failed Policies at JNJ. They truly do not care about their patients. After receiving so many FDA complaints, they should be doing a better job at warning and talking about proper use of the medicine. But all they care about is their billion dollar sales.

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