Ortho Evra – Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ )

Link to a good article on MSNBC last year about JNJ and Ortho Evra.


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  1. Edna Birch says:

    I am a 67 year old retired RN Risk Manager. I have very bad osteoporosis, and in 2008 started having problems with my teeth fracturing and becoming infected. I had all my upper teeth removed. In July, I was eating the first corn on the cob of the year and fractured five lower teeth. Because I am on Medicare, and they won’t cover dental care for senior women with osteoporosis, it took me 17 days to find a Residents Dental Clinic where I could get care. I had 29 teeth removed, I had a severe infection by no antibiotics were ordered. Within seven days I became increasing ill and finally my husband who is 69 and a diabetic, called the EMT’s. I was taken to the wrong hospital, we are requested another because we had had problems with this one in the past.

    When I got there, they kept asking me what was wrong. I told them I did not know, I did not feel well, but had had a severe dental infection, I was afraid of a blood or brain infection. The ER physician, who worked for this for profit hospital, never examined me. I know this because I was dressed in street clothes, and was in those clothes for two days in the hospital. ( By the way, this is a small town hospital, not a large hospital in a large city where such care might be given), The ER physician ordered lab work and my white blood count, that measures infection was 25000, the normal 5000-10000. I was anemic at 28 hct. My chest x ray showed a right middle lobe pneumonia. I told them I was in severe pain in my right middle chest, in my jaw, and in both shoulders. I have had six shoulder surgeries, with tendon repairs in both. ( I had problems with dislocations and torn ligaments)

    This ER physician ordered 750 mg of Levoquin IV, and an IV at 10 ml per hour in the computer. On paper he ordered 500 mg Levoquin per day IV, and an IV 80 ml per hour. The pharmacy sent over Levoquin 250 mg injection. I always check my medical records and itemized records.

    The ER physician said I was in guarded condtion, however he never talked to me, never asked me my family history, never asked my surgical history. ( He did say my family history was neg, however I was adopted and don’t knkow my family history) He never asked me about the tendon repairs. In fact, I never saw his face. He must have read some of my old medical records and talked to nursing staff, but certainly did not order me put on a monitor or into a hospital gown. He discharged me to telemetry for admission, in urgent and guarded condition, with IV Levoquin 750 but did not put a rate, such as over one hour etc. Next thing I know, I am being moved to the old ER unit that is closed, and now janitors offices. I was placed on an old guerney, the head would not even raise. I was in a holding room in a closed hospital unit. Apparently a nurse came in,and started the IV at 10 ml per hour, hardly enough for someone who is febrile and probably dehydrated. She charted 750 mg Levoquin IV, but no rate, but I was charged for an IV push.

    At 4 a.m. I was moved to telemetry, but there are no nursing notes for the six hours I was in the closed down hosp unit. I am allergic to penicillyn and clindamycin, so giving me Levoquin with no nursing supervision or monitoring was dangerous.

    The next day, they ordered Levoquin 750 mg IV every day for five days. That first day, I noticed my lungs felt like they were filling up with fluid, and I started coughing in spasms. I started having tingling and pain in my legs. By the third day, I had uncontrollable diarrhea from the Levoquin so they started yet another antibiotic. The leg pains, as well as numbness increased and I could barely ambulate to the bathroom. That day, my hemocratic dropped to 26, I had become more anemic on Levoquin, and they ordered a transfusion. The problem, they type and cross matched me wrong, and gave me the wrong blood. I had O negative and I am O positive.

    I kept getting worse and not better, our family MD was involved so instead of insisting I be transfered to another hospital, we decided to wait a couple of more days. I got so I was hardly able to walk, and it seemed the pneumonia was not getting better and the pleural effusion was getting worse. By the seventh day, they told me they were going to stick a tube in my right lung and drain out 1 1/2 quart of fluid. I said no, I want to be discharged. I’m going home with my husband and little dog,and will decide what care I am going to get.

    I went home on bed rest, and refused home care, as they were owned by the corporation that owns this for profit hospital. In a week I went back to my MD, and he glossed over the hosp. problems, he is friends with the older medical staff there. When I complained about the ER physician, who was a rental doc, I found out he had resigned suddenly. I found that I was very weak, and still having chest pain in my right chest. I asked for followup chest x ray and went to another hosp. When I went to that hosp, they did a cat scan and said that the pleural effusion was clearned ( once I stopped the Levoquin) However I had a residual pneumonia, and two pockets of effusion at the base of both lungs. I was admitted for 24 hours of Vancomycin IV, and saw numerous specialists. I was told I never should have had Levoquin given my age and history of tendon surgeries. I also did research and found out my pleural effusion had been caused by the Levoquin as well. now I am suppose to have another cat scan of my lungs to see if the two pockets of fluid have absorbed. If they haven’t they have to be drained, or surgery done, and the infected tissue manually removed from both lungs.

    I am losing muscle tone in my legs. I had two physical therapy consults and was told I should use a walker. They are concerned with my osteoporosis, that I might fracture a hip because I have been falling easily. I am having terrible pain and tingling from the Levoquin, find it difficult to sleep, problems with my appetite. I have lost thirty pounds.

    I have a double whammy, I have been ill since July 1, and found that when I was taken to the wrong hospital by the EMT’s my problems were compounded. This for profit hospital has a standardized order sheet for all patients with pneumonia, Levoquin 750 mg for five days IV. I wonder if the drug manufacturer has paid off this hospital association that owns 139 hospitals, to have these orders to sell more of their drugs. I have had to have a transfusion with the wrong blood, been placed in solitary confinement in a closed hosp unit ( which I feel is elder abuse, because there was no call light, no telephone and they refused to allow me to call my husband), I have developed peripheral neuropathy, and I developed pleural effusion. I worry now that my two shoulder surgeries will be undone, and the tendon rerupture. I have been having pain in my right shoulder already, as that tendon repair was done in 1995.

    I have talked to many lawyers and been turned down. I guess if I had died, my husband would have a case. I have been told that peripheral neuropathy has not been studied as a problem from Levoquin, and therefore lawyers won’t touch our cases.

    I am beside myself, my husand wants me to move on, but I can’t. I would love to tell my story to the media, but don’t know who would be willing to tell it. In my forty years of nursing, never have I heard of a patient being abandoned for six hours in a hosp, and given a drug that would give such severe side effects. In fact, these are not side effects, to me they are permanent medical disabilities. I want to get together with others and demand something be done.

    I would never have allowed Levoquin to be given to me if I had been told of the black box warnings, but no physician said a thing. This is wrong. But who can we turn to who will listen?

  2. Edna Birch says:

    Is Johnson and Johnson paying for profit hospital corporations to develope standardized order sheets for Levaquin? In the for profit hospital I was in, there was a standardized order form to treat pneumonia, and it included Levaquin 750 mg IV for five days. There was no consideration for a patient’s age, medical problems etc. All a physician does is check the boxes on this sheet. I am concerned that this practice may be going on and would love t o see a good research investiator in the media, investigate this issue. I have the order sheet, and I’m concerned this drug is being over perscribed, and millions will end up with the problems many of us are having.

  3. I am the founder of the not-for-profit website http://medicalsidefx.org. I searched for Levaquin on my website and got details of the adverse effects by year. My aim is to educate individuals such as ourselves about the reported side effects of OTC and prescribed medicines.

  4. JD says:

    Sanjay – is that website getting information from an FDA API? That is absolutely amazing.

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