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Ortho Evra – Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ )

Link to a good article on MSNBC last year about JNJ and Ortho Evra.

JNJ Credo.

JNJ Credo: Levaquin: The very least that Johnson & Johnson could do is to engage in medical research to help the many patients that have been disabled from Levaquin regain their lost health. None of the Board Directors have offered to help in this capacity. “Caring for the World, one Patient at a Time” was said many times by the company at [...]

Message from a Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) victim asking that this be posted on quinolone forums.

Hello,   If we get enough people to contact this law firm, they may move forward on neurological issues based on the newest boxed warning on neuromuscular blocking activity.  Can we get this contact information posted in as many places online as possible and ask people just to send Hayley an email with a paragraph or [...]

Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) Quality Catastrophe.

Here is a good read on all of the recalls and safety problems at Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ). At the very end of the article there is some information about Levaquin. It is a shame there isn’t more regulation on JNJ .

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