Michael Jackson and severe insomnia.

I want to share a possible scenario concerning Michael Jackson’s death. Michael Jackson took Cipro at least once a year or two before he died, but no one can figure out why he had terrible insomnia. Cipro is in a class of antibiotics known as Fluoroquinolones or Quinolones for short. This class of antibiotics is well documented in causing long term and often very severe insomnia. This is an angle of the story everyone has missed. He may have taken Quinolones ( Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox ) many times before given his burns and other health issues, etc. Many people affected by Quinolones are desperate for sleep and would do anything for it. This may be an opportunity to break this story in a way no one else has. Debilitating insomnia is by far one of the most common long term side effects for people affected by Quinolones. I have been affected by Levaquin toxicity for over five years and I have to take two seperate prescription sleep medications to combat it. I was a former pharmaceutical sales representative. 
In Dr. Jay Cohen’s own study on Quinolones, nervous system symptoms occured in 91% of patients: Problems relating to sleep are part of the central nervous system. See Dr. Jay Cohen’s study on this class of antibiotics at the following link: http://www.medicationsense.com/articles/jan_mar_04/congress_ltr.html
It is hard to know the cause of Michael Jackson’s insomnia. Causation is always hard to prove. But this is a possible explanation or theory as to why Michael Jackson suffered from severe insomnia. Michael Jackson begged Dr. Murray for Propofol to help him sleep.

Below is a reference about Michael Jackson’s doctor treating him with the Quinolone Cipro for a spider bite wound.
Jackson’s doctor has been treating the ghastly wound on his leg with antibiotic Cipro, which hundreds of Americans took during the anthrax attacks, and cleaning it once a day to prevent further infection.
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