Severe Cipro adverse reaction. Permanent injuries.

Cipro Devastation Story:

In July of 2004 I was a very healthy, fresh out of college, in my 1st apartment and my 1st real job and I got health insurance. I had one health issue, just one. A swollen prostate. I was put on an antibiotic and lost everything I had and myself.
Here are the events that took place in chronological order.

Having new insurance I went for a physical and my doctor said my prostate seemed a bit tender and I should see a urologist. I scheduled an appt with a urologist in August of 2004. At that appointment and exam I was told that I may have bacterial prosititis and I would be put on 3 weeks of Cipro, 500mg a day. Trusting a doctor and not questioning an antibiotic I accepted and went to CVS. I filled my prescription and went home.

After a few days of work and preparing to move into my 1st apartment, I started to experience hip, shoulder and leg pain, also headaches, dizzy spells and major fatigue in all parts of my body. I brushed this off thinking it was my physical activities and continued with my week. Taking cipro 2x a day faithfully. Within a week I was experiencing back pain, fatigue, sore arms, muscles crunching and popping in my back, as well as all my joints starting to snap and pop. I still put no connection that this was my antibiotic… I well on my way into a Cipro Adverse Reaction Toxicity.. but I kept on strong and living my life, unaware. Around my 2 month mark I realized that something was happening and I brought it to the attention of my urologist who told me that Cipro could not be causing such affects and the only damage that might happen is to my Achilles tendon. I was then given a 3rd months prescription and sent on my way with a follow up a month later.

In September of 2004 I was to have a root canal, this was not affordable at the time so I had a tooth pulled and I was to have an oral implant put in via surgery. The surgery was scheduled and it was a quick 1 hour oral implant procedure. After surgery I was being prescribed medications for the surgery by my periodontist and his nurse. I was told that I would be put on an antibiotic to prevent any infections and 10 days of a prednisone packet to strengthen the implant. At that time, I made it very clear that I was on Cipro 500mg for over a month for a prostate issue. This was marked in RED pen on my file. Right underneath is marked the prescription for Prednisone.

already well into a Cipro adverse reaction and damage, then topped with Prednisone (major drug interaction)..

Within 2 days, I suffered an infection in the implant, the periodontist called in a prescription for Penicillin VK, Buspar for teeth grinding, NSAIDs and Vicodin for pain. These medications should never have been mixed with the already potent CIPRO and STEROIDS I was on. 3 weeks later I would call the dentist and inform them that Cipro and Steroids should never have been mixed, nor another antibiotic or nsaid. That their office was in negligence for not investigating interactions before prescribing. Within a week from that call I was called back asking “Are you holding our dental office in blame for your medical issues and damages”… I said “I do not know who to hold blame, you shouldn’t have mixed those medications”… my payment plan was quickly released to a collections lawyer and they never took my calls again.

Within 2 weeks I was unable to get out of bed, I lost major muscle mass and weight. I went to the ER, I went to doctors, all of this is fully documented from day one in my medical records that I went for HELP, over and over, telling them that I was suffering from a major adverse reaction from the mixture of Cipro and Steroids, and then having put so many other medications into the mix it had finally crashed and destroyed my young body. I was put through every test you can think of. I was also marked as a hypochondriac very quickly as no doctor would believe that an antibiotic could do such things. The damages continued quickly and painfully.. I started to have tearing muscles in my back, burning and tingling nerve sensations in patches on my back, and arms. The snapping and grinding of each joint, in my arms, legs, shoulders and spine were becoming constant and hurtful.

While sitting at my grandparents one day, I felt a rib POP near my sternum. I touched my chest and I felt my rib cage clicking back and forth. I immediately went to the ER and they could not explain how it could have snapped. I went to my hospital and I was questioned about my medications. I told them that Cipro caused cartilage destruction in weight bearing joints and muscles. They said this could not be the cause at all, it had to be something else. I told them I had been swimming the week before and that was about it.. during physical exercise for my sore body. This was written down as the possible cause and my honesty about the cipro ruining my joints and such was brushed off.. This was now the medical reason to have part of my ribs removed in a one hour surgery. There was no swimming accident.

I started to write to the FDA, To Bayer, To Lawyers, To anyone that might listen, only to be shot down and told that there was no way that anyone would go against a pharmaceutical company and that yes, I was a victim of medical malpractice, and yes my doctors believed me as they knew me before hand, but it was not in the medical journals and that if I had printed the 50 paged warnings of Cipro, rather than relying what the bottle said “do not drink or operate machinery”.

I have lost everything, my college degree earned teaching job, my healthy body, my home, my partner, the friendships and family that cant help. For 5 years I have emailed, mailed, talked, tried to get help. I have been in touch with 100s of victims, belong to support groups, 100s of other people my age, younger, older, all in the same position as I am.. a very damaged body, a victim, ignored and left to suffer with the consequences.

I was perfectly healthy and happy before this medication. I had a life in order and I was ready to begin it and within weeks I lost it all. I trustingly took these medications from my doctor with the hope to fix my prostate. Over the past 6 years I have gone into financial disgrace, Ive had to move home with my family and I am in chronic full body pain and damages that no physical therapy and major medical visits are not repairing. 

For my own sake and proof, from day ONE I kept a journal of every test, every pill, every exam I was put through. I also paid to have every medical record, dental record, doctors not, prescription, xrays, you name it… copied. I have a binder that shows a 25 year old healthy person in 2004 and then after that over 500 pages of medical records, exams and physical issues. The proof is as clear as day, in time line order. This has not been good enough for anyone Ive spoken too. Sadly, the other victims, who have just as long as a list as I do, suffer from the same ignorance from the medical and lawyer field.

What is dis-concerning in the end is that my Primary Care Doctor, My Rheumatologist, My Physical Therapist and many other doctors believe and back up what happened to me.. but they are not willing to take the stand or point out that these medical adverse reactions are not in their medical journals and that they are ill-informed of these events. Ive been told that the pharmaceutical companies also keep this from their doctors when selling the item. Like many of the victims, our doctors knew us before we took this drug when we were healthy people who happened to end up with a UTI or Prostate Infection that was mass dosed by Cipro or Levaquin.. only to have it ruin us fully.

The FDA knows the power of cipro, all the people taking it via Anthrax were damaged so bad it ended with a major law suit. The sister drug Levaquin is in the middle of major law suits due to the same damages… In 2008 the FDA black boxed Cipro due to its physical damages on humans.

I have no idea what to do with my life. On my right side I am damaged permantly and cannot work or collect disablity. On my left side I have 85,000 in student loans that are ruining me financially into bankruptcy (which I cannot file as I have nothing to file for other than my student loans).

I need help. There has to be a class action law suit for myself and the victims. We all have our medical records, we all have proof, we all have rights. 

Search: Cipro, Steroids, Fibromyalgia, Tendon Rupture, Muscle Wasting, Fluorquinlione support groups and toxicity.. you will see for yourself. As for the power of facebook there are 2 Fluquinilone groups with peoples photos and stories. We need someone with a voice.


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19 Responses to “Severe Cipro adverse reaction. Permanent injuries.”

  1. Kayla Barela says:

    Hi my name is Kayla, I just want to let you know your not alone . I recently lost my Mon who wasn’t the healthiest but she surrvived a lot. She would catch freaquent colds but she had just gotten over pneumonia. They gave her cipro on top of prednisone then after a couple weeks gave her leviquin then upped her prednisone again and gave her avalox. Well after injesting one avelox 500 mg pill she had a heart attack she was only 46 I had a young mom. Well the doctors brought her back to life after 20 minutes. Only to have her air lifted for them to tell us she’s having massive seizures and is brain dead she was responding well for the past two days before they told us we should pull the plug and give her morphine. Day prior she was over breathing the machine. After they gave her the morphine her fight ended after an hour she died and what was the worst was she turned yellow then grey. It was horrible. Now I feel like justice must prevail what doctor prescribes so much of the same family of sick man made anti biotics with steroid. I believe we need to get all victims together as many as possible to have our voices be heard. I to have taken avelox I never thought then that this could be why I have fibro mayalgia. These drugs destroy lives so bad it makes me sick. We are trying hard to obtain all documents on my mother. To file our mal practice case. I just pray that we all get some justice. Before it continues to ruin many more lives. Our lives our precious and valuable we should be able to trust our doctors. But thank-you for sharing your story too maybe we can all raise our voices to bring about real change.

  2. S.W. says:

    Hello Kayla and Christopher;

    I understand totally about the prednisone. I was prescribed that as well but the problem was, that what the doctor prescribed it for, i didnt even have it to begin with. But unfortunately, i just took the medicine for 10 days but boy, those ten days, i felt like i was dying and each day that i had to continue the dose, (because i didnt find out until around the 4th day that you cant stop once you start taking it) that each take of this medicine was a POISON, that i was entering into my body and what makes it bad, i couldnt stop it for fear of what the unknown would be if i stopped it abruptly. But thank God in the name of Jesus, that he has had mercy on my life and has given me another chance to live and i guess there must be a purpose for me having to go through this. But yes, i do understand if you have to take this medicine because of a condition but not if it’s over excessive amount, and especially, which in my case, i found out i didnt even have the problem that rendered me even having to take the drug. But this is a lesson learn, if you see a medicine or is given a medicine that doesnt seem right and medical staff or doctor isnt listening to you or even paying attention to your dosage or medicine. Do not take and and seek second opinions IMMEDIATELY. Sometimes, third or fourth until someone listens.

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  5. krishna says:


    Sorry for all that happened, I took ciprofloxacin 500mg for 3 times day for lymphadenitis.

    The following are results

    1.extreme joint pain in knees , hips, lumbar
    2.Tiredness and fatigue

  6. Lisa says:

    May I ask, why did you keep taking it? Why not call the doctor and ask for another type of antibiotic? I took Cipro for a week and immediately knew something was off. I called the clinic and told them to give me something else. The medication caused horrible inflammation in my hands and joints. Sometimes you have to listen to your gut.

  7. Kevin C says:

    My doctor prescribed me Cipro for my tooth infection. After 2 pills of Cipro for four days, I suffered so much pain on both of my legs and arms. The worst side effect were difficult breathing and possibly permanent nerve damage . I thought I was going to die. I went to ER in March 2012, and got some examinations and X-ray. The ER doctors told me to stop taking Cipro.
    3 months later, I’ve a bleeding ulcer. I think it is probably Cipro that causes me to get an ulcer by destroying most of my good bacterias in my gut.
    I was very healthy before Cipro, and now my life feels like it’s going be a short life. I still feel pains on my joints, and my fingers and toes sometimes becomes numb due to nerve damage.

  8. Mary P. says:

    Hi ALL
    After surfing the internet for CIPRO Side Effects and what should I watch for, I found ALL this (what peoplr are saying)about this medication. And I have to say that I am going to stop NOW taking cipro 500 mg’s two X Day. Here’s why:
    I came down with a bladdar infection, I self treated with Pyridium because it was suggested for bladdar spasms (for the pain), so when it feels simular to an infection the (pain returns) take Pyridium for a few days. This bladdar infection was confirmed after I tried the Pyridium idea for 14 days. Pain never went away.
    Then I was Given CIPRO. On the second day on CIPRO I started getting sever leg cramps in the front of my legs. I called the Dr. who put me on it and she told me for a bladdar infection CIPRO was the only medication out there due to my allergies to other antibiotics.
    She told me to get some potassium and take it 2X Day along with the CIPRO. Also I am on Tramadol 50 mg every 4-6 hrs prn for pain. I also told her about this because I saw that Tramadol also can cause leg cramps I was concerned about it but she did NOT seem concerned at all.

    Tramadol can also cause leg cramps I was more concerned about this then the DARN Dr. On Monday Is when I got on CIPRO Tuesday I am having sever leg cramps and Today is Wednesday 10-17-2012 I am vomiting a lot. So for me I am DONE with CIPRO, I am supposed to continue the rest of the week to complete my 5 day script of CIPRO 500 mg. 2X Day. After reading these BLOGS I will take charge of my HEALTH, and make a decission to not fall through the cracks of modern medicine. Thank you ALL for sharing you story. I hope I made this important decission in time for it not to do life altering damage.
    Mary P in Colorado

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