Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) injured lady in Oregon suffers extensively.

Message from Floxed Lady in Oregon.

I too have been floxed in January of this year. However I am sure that it started several months before while taking Cipro in pill form. I January I was given Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) in an IV form as a first line of defense antibiotic. After that within a week I could not walk and had a very bad rash. It was a few days later and the severe burning all over my body happened and the severe neuropathy. I also have autonomic neuropathy as well. I have just about every thing wrong with me you can think of. I spent many months begging my mother to help me to end my life. At one point I was so ill I could not get up to even do that. I am a juvenile diabetic and this floxing has made it so very hard to to care for the diabetes. I went six weeks without eating a bite of food at the start of this. I was so sensitive that I have had to stay in a dark room with no noise and no stimulation at all. This has been a total hell unlike anything I ever could have imagined. The doctors dismiss me and have only put me on more medicines. I am forced to take a few for relief. If you call it that. I have lost my life and my grown children have lost their mother. My life has become isolated and lonely. I live to just exist and to try to heal with little results. Keeping hope is what I work on every day. I am still not able to get shoes or socks on sue to the pain. Makes it hard to do much. I miss walking my three dogs. I used to do this twice a day. I miss cooking meals for my family. I am so weak that I am not able to use my arms and hands and I have the same issues with my legs and feet. I have no sensations other than pain in my legs and feet at all. How can I be numb to temperature and pressure but still feel stabbing and burning and tingling? My legs and ankles do not even look the same. And I had pretty legs for a woman. :-( I am scared now to get far from home. I have all these fears. I was NEVER like this before. I am such an outgoing person. I have been a hairdresser and then in big ticket sales for all my adult life. I fear getting agoraphobia from this medication. i am so angry that I was given this drug and was not even told of the effects of taking them. I was not even told that I was taken off the iv form in the hospital and then given it in pill form over 5 times afterward for ten day rounds.  Is there anything we can do to STOP them from giving this drug to children and elderly that can not make known the pain they are feeling?

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6 Responses to “Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) injured lady in Oregon suffers extensively.”

  1. Jane Gallagher says:

    I need to talk with someone for support who has experienced the devasting effects of levaquin. With the black box warning and all I was given levaquin by IV two days before my son’s wedding, June 18, 2010. It was followed up with 7 days by pill. When I experienced joint pain in my toes and called my primary care, I was told, “Oh, just wait and see.” During July and August I experienced unrelenting muscle pain and atrophy in my legs and upper arms. There was a bulge in my left achilles tendon, all tendons in my body continue to be painful with only normal daily activity. If I try to drive even now, 6 months later, I suffer horribly later. I decided to go to a Christmas concert last weekend just to feel “normal”. I was in pain the entire time. The doctors I have seen are totally unaware of the devasting effects and say “I don’t know what to do for you.” I am a sixty two year old woman, who was a skiier and kayaker, slender and in good health. I am unable to return to my job as a School Psychologist. My head hurts at times and swells at the base of my skull and neck. My back bone burned during the summer, and now I cannot sit comfortably anywhere without extensively arranging pillows, etc. I have tingling down my left leg and back pain, mid-back and lower, that I never had before. My days are spent at PT, with doctors (futile attempts) and trying to stay out of pain. I have not slept more than 4 hours at a time in six months.

    Does this ever stop? Please respond anybody. My sons are completing and in graduate programs, coming home for Christmas and I don’t know if I can make Christmas happen…Certainly not like I used to. Fighting fear and depression is a constant battle. Every time I try something and it gets worse, I second guess myself. Chiropractor was a big mistake. Started the leg tingling, electic impulses. I have a tremor in my left hand and a tendon tear in my right shoulder. When I get off of the computer I will have to ice the tendons in my arm and shoulder if there is a chance for sleep tonight.

    Please write. Jane Gallagher, Hampton, NH

  2. Joe Bauer says:

    Dear Jane and also suffering Oregon lady;

    I was devastated by Levaquin in Dec.2005.

    I had fainted at home after 3 days of a body flu and being dehydrated and having electrolyte imbalance. I was knocked out with a head injury after falling and smashed my head and septum. I was also bleeding inside my broken septum area.

    The local EMT crew arrived and revived me and raced me up to our local ER.

    I don’t have the energy to write about the entire experience in detail right now, but it was an instant nightmare after I was given 2 pills of Levaquin at our ER ( 2 hours after I arrived and for “beginning” bronchitis which I didn’t even feel or complain about and was a minor side issue for why I came to this ER ) at around midnight, Dec.10th, 2005…and then fainting in my wife’s car 20 minutes after being given these first two Levaquin pills and discharged against my traumatized feeling wishes.

    Then, after being raced back to this ER unconscious again and being put in a “recovery room” upon arrival…I was given ANOTHER two Levaquin tablets in the following next morning!

    That was 4 pills of Levaquin in a 12 hour span!

    And all for a minor case of beginning bronchitis?

    I thought this super potent drug was made only as a “last line” antibiotic for serious infections that didn’t respond to milder antibiotics?

    And I was not given any chance at reading any pamphlets or warnings about this drug and my original head injury that took me to the ER in the first place made it impossible for me to be in a state where I could read any anyway.

    But, the worst thing was when I started going into nightmare symptoms at home that first night after discharge and was so close to passing out that night and the next morning I raced back up to this same ER in an ambulance and told this same ER staff my horrific death feeling symptoms which included incredible shoulder, arm and hand pain and hot feelings followed by cold numb feelings.

    They never even considered reading the warning information of Levaquin side effects during any of my visits and dismissed my complaints as “anxiety!”

    Just loaded me up with Atavan and shipped me back home to more nightmares.

    Within two weeks I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and full body tendinitis! I also had brady cardia, bronchial asthma, GI tract ulceration ( lost 40 lbs in 2 and 1/2 months because I would go into screaming pain whenever I tried to eat ) , nerve system damage, emotional problems, ringing in my ears, eyesight sensitivity and damage, etc. etc.

    I tried to get attorneys interested in my case which I saw as horrific and gross medical malpractice for this ER missing the side effects of Levaquin and keeping me on this for another 4 days while my body was being ripped apart.

    At that time every attorney ( I called 50 ) said they wouldn’t touch my case because “I hadn’t died and my liver hadn’t failed.”

    And they wouldn’t take on this powerful hospital.

    Of course the statute of limitations has long since run out…but let me tell you…I believe it is a crime that so many of our doctors know so little about the drugs they give to their patients that they don’t even recognize devastating side effects when their patients run back telling them specifics of these!

    The criminal negligence and ignorance of Levaquin side effect identification and treatment by those who administer it is only surpassed by the legal system that allows doctors to get away with this negligence by keeping such an insanely and criminally brief statute of limitations law on the books that lets these injury causing doctors off the hook.

    By the way, some symptoms have gotten better but not by much and some have stayed the same.

    In my case I could never work again and lost everything. My career, my health, my financial state ( totally broke and bankrupt ) and in many ways my family.

    I didn’t get any disability except for 1 year of state then after two years of absolutely no income I finally got $800 a month in Social Security Disability.

    I was 54 when I was first given this poison and mistreated and misdiagnosed by the doctors who gave it to me.

    God help you and I and all the rest of the injured victims of these fluoroquinolones.

  3. No words are adequate to condemn these medical profession, in my judgement,poisoner crippler killers that are as a group are WILFULLY ignorant regarding the devestating poisons that they have poisoned tens of thousands of their victims with,or just don’t give a tinkers damn since they have for many years got away with, in my judgement, their manslaughter. And in my opionion, the most devestating are the fluoroquinolones…half of which of that line of poison have been removed from the market since it was becoming too difficult to coverup the stupidity,etc.
    I have studied this poisoning subject for about 2 plus years and one of my many conclusions is that the next d o c t o r that poisons another person with this devestating substance should be convicted for manslaughter or murder and punished accordingly.There is just no excuse for such persons to be allowed to continue to get away with such actions.There is an abundant amount of evidence on this ,in my opinion, crippler poison for any of these medical profession cluts to continue to escape meaningful punishment!!The doctors are the most accountable for the deaths,etc.,resulting from their dispensing this poisoning to their uninformed victims.Note:Some of these unconscionable ALLEGED healers(brase yourself) have taken this poison into facilities for the aged, thats correct…into facilities where many residents are not capable to reason,etc.As you may or may not be aware, the medical profession has no cure for this Quinolone antibotic crippler killer other than what I consider more poison.
    To date the most meaningful therapy I have found includes an organic fruit and organic vegetable salid and juice diet of 75-80 % that I attempt to pursue, and elimination of certain foods…your whole body has been damaged by certain members of the referenced profession and it cannot process certain foods as was done prior to your poisoning.I have found that if I follow this approach I receive a meaningful benefit,however, its a lot of work and also requires the drinking of 7-8 glasses of organic juice each day.Carrot and some greens.You should experience favorable results within 3-4 days,but a meaningful recovery will require a year or more…depending upon the severity of the damage to your body,for example, if your kidneys have been about completely destroyed no therapy will totally repair the damage…the same thing applies to the eyes ,brain, heart and other structures of the body.By the way kidney damage will cause high blood pressure and the high blood pressure will further damage other body systems and subject the person to a stroke and heart attack. I suggest that you contact Hallelujah Acres and or the Gerson Institute…you can find both on the internet.
    Take care and don’t give up hope.For example,if Armageddon is as close as is believed by certain people and you meet with the approval of Jehovah you may be protected through the great destruction and enter into the new system of things where all pain ,etc. will be eliminated and total happiness will prevail.

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