Young girl poisoned by Cipro.

Comment left on blog. Another Cipro victim. This time it is a young girl who is now falling behind in her school assignments. Her mother is looking for a doctor in the Huntsville Alabama area. A doctor that  is open minded and willing to acknowledge this possibility. If anyone knows a doctor in this area that can provide some assistance it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.    

Please Help!!!  My 16-year-old daughter was given Cipro twice in a local ER.  Once in late Jan., 2 X 500 for 10 days; and once in early May, 2 X 250 for 3 days.  We knew nothing about these drugs, but after the first pill of the second round, she developed sudden onset anxiety, insomnia, and other CNS symptoms.  She has also had two infections which were either caused by the Cipro, or complicated her recovery.  Other symptoms which may be connected or may not be, but all tests are coming up negative.  She was homebound all summer, and now that school has started, we are in desperate need of a doctor that actually knows something about these side effects, or at the least does not think we are faking it.  The school is clearly already getting tired of her being out.  Our current GP has tried to be open-minded, but clearly does not know much, because they keep prescribing her things she probably shouldn’t be taking.  We live near Huntsville, Alabama.  Originally felt her reaction was in the “mild” class, and thought we might have reached the halfway point, but with this latest virus causing a return of some symptoms plus some new ones, not sure!!

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