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Profits before Patient Safety Video.

Video from Pharmagossip. Profits before Patient Safety.

Comment left by School Psychologist damaged from Levaquin.

I was given levaquin by IV to treat a tooth infection on June 16, 2010,two days before my sons wedding, then followed up with 7 days of 500mg. I had pain in my toe joints that kept me awake the first night of the oral dosage. That was only the beginning of the nightmare I [...]


The Two Faces of Avelox August 26, 2009. By Gordon Gibb Washington, DC: The Avelox antibiotic and related Avelox side effects—tendon rupture among them—is yet another example of the prescription drug culture we find ourselves in today. Drugs are designed to do incredible things, such as eradicate serious bacterial infections. However in so doing, they [...]

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