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Former Drug Rep – Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau.

KATHLEEN SLATTERY-MOSCHKAU:  mom, wife, and former legal drug pusher turned filmmaker. She wrote, directed, and co-produced the independent feature film Side Effects (starring Katherine Heigl) as well as the documentary Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety. After college, Kathleen spent a decade working for the pharmaceutical industry as a drug sales representative. During her tenure as [...]

Story of father and son injured from Flagyl and Cipro.

My son had neurological damage ( long term from 6 weeks of Flagyl as a 3 year old.) Like falling all the time, no balance, vision damage, speech therapy needed for 4 years. Never would have thought an antibiotic could do this until Cipro blew out my tendon behind my knee. Then the Diabetes Insipidus [...]

Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) sued the Red Cross.

Here is an old story about Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) bringing legal action against the Red Cross. Johnson & Johnson sued a charitable organization. It doesn’t get much lower than this.

Report of Akathisia from Cipro – Dr. Jay Cohen

Never heard of Akathisia before. Apparently Dr. Cohen is familiar with this condition. Here is his latest report regarding Cipro and Akathisia.  

FDA May Prosecute More Pharmaceutical Executives.

FDA May Prosecute More Pharmaceutical Execs. 37 Comments By Ed Silverman // March 4th, 2010 // 8:43 am The FDA plans to increase misdemeanor prosecutions of industry execs as it looks to refocus its Office of Criminal Investigations (see this letter to the Senate Finance committee). The move comes in response to a new [...]

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