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Bayer bluewashes its image. Bayer’s corporate crimes.

    Bayer and the UN Global Compact How and Why a Major Pharmaceutical and Chemical Company “Bluewashes” its Image by Philipp Mimkes, Coalition Against Bayer Dangers July 19th, 2002    Totnes Genetix Group (ToGG)   Bayer considers itself a “founding member” of the UN Global Compact, but its dedication to the Compact’s nine human rights and [...]

Comments on fluoroquinolone toxicity by LG Lindsay, a Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) victim.

Comments posted by LG Lindsay:   Fluoroquinolone (FQ) research articles are written in technical language that is gibberish to lay people who are not schooled in biochemistry, the genome and in molecular engineering.  Further, professional-grade research articles are generally available online only from fee-based medical research clearing houses.  Accordingly, FQ-poisoned “floxies” are screwed on both [...]

Cipro victim’s debilitating effects.

I started taking 500 mg of Cipro 2 x’s/day for a 10 day dosage after my Doctor thought I had a sinus infection. The 1st night didn’t seem odd. Just felt really tired. The next day I had a debilitating headache. Continued to take. On the 3rd day, I wanted to die. The headaches were [...]

Levaquin samples given out. Another victim.

I was 52 years old , had started taking my health serious and had been eating right and doing light exercise , I had my waist down to 32 inches was 5’11′ and weighed 175 I had a prostate problem that would not go away , took Cipro Bactrin  one of the Floxins then the [...]

Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) sufferer.

Another victim’s message: I was on levaquin for a pneumonia infection and the first night of taking it i was almost in the er i couldnt breath and had sever anxiety attack which ive never in my life had before.. i never had tendon problems but i have everything else..i cant ever fall asleep, really [...]

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