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Fluoroquinolone reaction comments.

Fluoroquinolone comments sent to me from LG Lindsay. I think the hardest part of the ordeal is that fluoroquinolone poisoning leaves scant trace. Fluoroquinolone poisoning strips away both health and personal credibility. With the exception of its direct tie to damage at the tendons and Achilles heal, Fluoroquinolone poisoning is hard to verify independently, and doctors regard the malaise in the same way [...]

Life of hell.

Our life was Hell because of Levaquin” September 23, 2008. By Jane Mundy Mineral Point, WI: “My husband just walked to his truck and heard two big ‘pops’,” says Lifka.”He blew out the quads in both legs and went down.” Chuck had been taking the antibiotic Levaquin for a respiratory infection; nobody told him about [...] Life after Levaquin. A challenging journey.

Here is a new quinolone website from a Levaquin victim named David. He was a healthy middle aged man severely injured from taking Levaquin. Wishing him and all the other quinolone victims a healthier and happier year in 2010.     

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