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Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage.

Comment: Hello, I have been reading your blog and just wanted to share my story with you.  I am in the UK, and I have been floxed twice by an antibiotic. Not by Levaquin, or Cipro, or Floxin….but by a supposed safe and not such a ‘big gun’ of an antibiotic….Amoxicillin.  I had it in [...]

Comment from Tracy on her terrible ordeal with Levaquin.

 Got some Interesting info from a lady in Missouri, named Terry.  Terry was floxxed w Factive, bless her heart, as usual lots of problems, she identifies fully w Bob Grozier.  I feel horrible for her, she seems to think that her family is unsympathetic towards her current situation, wow when I read the stories about [...]

Avelox and Cipro poisoning. Terrible suffering.

Avelox and Cipro “Did Me In” July 8, 2009. By Jane Mundy Whitehall, PA: Bob Grozier lost a 20-year career as a computer programmer and became disabled shortly after taking the fluoroquinolones Avelox and Cipro. Grozier says that even his doctor took Avelox and had adverse side effects similar to his… “The drugs that did [...]

Moms against mercury website

This is a very good website. Mom’s against Mercury has done a lot of really good advocacy and awareness campaigns regarding mercury poisoning.

Levaquin ( Levofloxacin ) victim in Dallas, TX needs help.

Here is a comment from Tracy who lives in Dallas, TX.  She has been severely affected by Levaquin toxicity. I have spoken to her a few times on the phone and she is a very nice lady. She told me that she has a sign on the back of her wheelchair that says  “Levaquin did this to Me“   [...]

Lariam Action Founder – Sue Rose

Sue Rose, Lariam Action Founder, passed away unexpectantly recently. I spoke with her a few times on the phone. She was a very nice lady. She will be missed both as a person and as a strong advocate for the Lariam toxicity cause. Here is a biography of her. She felt a strong moral obligation to warn others of the [...]

Cocktail of Cipro and Levaquin story.

Comment: 4 months ago, my spouse Joe and I returned from a great vacation in Florida.  Three days later, he was diagnosed with severe cellulitis in his legs from bacteria he picked up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.  He was first given an antibiotic that he was sensitive to because of its similarity to [...]

Taxpayers against Fraud website.

Quite a bit of pharmaceutical fraud detailed in this site.

PBS with Bill Moyers. Discussion with Dr. Sidney Wolfe

Here is a very interesting interview with Dr. Sidney Wolfe and a Harvard physician. Good information on why the pharmaceutical industry wants a fragmented health insurance industry.

University of Missouri newspaper the Maneater. Cipro article.

University of Missouri grad student writes newspaper article about his experience with Cipro.

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