Post from LG, a Levaquin victim.

A good site on drug side effects is  One of the best posts I have read was written by a guy named LG. He is a victim of Levaquin (Levofloxacin ) and is a very talented writer. I have emailed him frequently and asked him to submit his descriptive post to this blog.  

I check back from time-to-time about levaquin’s side effects at 
( For me it’s returning to the crime scene.
It’s like looking at an Alfred Hitchcock film, the one about a sociopath who observes
a sea of humanity from a top of the ferris wheel, and concludes that humans are
just so many ants for whom the observer should not be overly concerned. And so a
large pharmaceutical company devised levaquin. From a top of the ferris wheel it
appeared to big pharma that its medication helped many people and squashed only
a few. It’s a tad sinister. The anonymity of it all. The stunning ineptitude of the FDA.
The lassitude. The profit motive. A pharmaceutical scourge adversely impacts the
health & welfare of thousands upon thousands of ignorant and hopeful patients who
put their trust in their doctors’ hands.

Harried doctors in turn put their trust in hapless pharmaceutical representatives
who pass along trial packages of ludicrously-named meds, which the reps urge
upon doctors too harried to read the package insert’s numbingly opague and small
print. In some instances the patients become deathly sick from the prescribed
medications. But the medical attendants cannot discern cause and effect.
“Are you nuts?” asks the doctor. A pill caused your pain? No way. I’m your doctor,
and I don’t believe it.”

But a pill DID cause the pain. Image the aftermath of levaquin where the patient
experiences insomnia, depression, heart palpitations, profuse sweating, eye floaters,
headaches, tendonopathy in the calves, ringing-in-the-ear, anxiety, and intense
agitation. “Gee, doc, I only suffered a mite from prostatitis BEFORE I took your
pills. But it seems like my life is on-hold, in suspended animation, after I took three
pills from your five-pill prescription. Do you think there is any connection between
taking the pills and the fact I feel so awful that I want to die?”

Strangely the medical profession by and large sees no evil, hears no evil, smells
no evil. The patient feels as if he had volunteered for a research trial in H G Wells’
horror classic and science fiction thriller ”The Island of Dr. Moreau” where medical
experiments are performed routinely on mute humanoids caged on a
small island. The experimenters profess ignorance, visitors to the island remain
ignorant about the experiments. Only the human guinea pigs know the full extent
of the horror, but they remain drugged and too incapacitated to make any impact
even upon the well intentioned. It’s ghoulish. It’s fiendish. It’s today’s reality for many
for whom  the health care industry has run amok and gobbles up 16% of GNP.

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