Side effects of Flagyl antibiotic. Another Flagyl victim. Message of love & strong family support.

February 21, 2008 my son, 18 at the time had a bad bout of diahrea that had caused him some grief for about a week and a half. So I made an appointment for him at the Family Doctors. The doctor recommened Mentronidazole (FLAGYL) 500mg. 3xa day 10 day. On the 5th day my sons life changed…..a high school senior football, wrestler, shot and disc thrower, top 10% in his graduating class just accepted at University of Michigan. My son suffered hallucinations, severe panic attacks, cranial pressure, vertigo, vision distrubances, depression, insomina, he has stretch marks that appeared 3 months into the posioning, brain fog, incredible pain thoughout his body.

We took our son back to the family doctor and they said now get this “He needs to eat more vegtables.” Well then our son had a severe panic attack so we took him to the hospital his heart was racing so they gave him some xanex and said we need to take him to the psychiatrist, from that we went to a neurologist. Well you can imagine nothing wrong…..he must have generalized anxiety because he is going off to college. We were so angry …..I would (and will)have done anything for him….I prayed to god that he give me my sons pain. Mike had many sleepless nights , lots of crying asking why me? I could not answer him ….I just kept saying I love you and we will get through this together.

Mikes first year at college was quite a struggle for him he almost dropped out being on xanex was not a good thing for him the toxic effect of the FLAGYL and xanex did not mix well together. Just starting the second year of college has been a little better he still has brain fog and terrible anxiety he said no more meds for him (xanex) he eats alot of organic food, hardly any meat unless it is antibiotic free.

I know that Mike is getting better each day….and I hang on to that thought everyday and I pray for everyone that has gone through this terrible ordeal themselves….And for the families that go through this with their loved one ……tell them and show them….that you love them with all of your heart , that you believe them and they are not alone. I cannot express this enough

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18 Responses to “Side effects of Flagyl antibiotic. Another Flagyl victim. Message of love & strong family support.”

  1. MARNA MORAN says:

    Thank you for posting all of this. I want to espescially thank you for the Flagyl posts. I was hurt by Cipro back in the 90′s…torn tendon, etc….mild Diabetes Insipidus ( if you consider being hospitalized mild ).

    But when I took Flagyl for a mild case of what was thought to be Giardia, it killed my body. Now it has been two years and I have full blown Central Diabetes Insipidus. Hypothyroid. Short term memory loss. Fatigue. Anxiety, caffeine intolerance….etc etc…..but I am doing much better than most and have recovered greatly from the days it caused me to stutter and fall down !

    I am a BSN, RN….gave these drugs out all the time to pregnant women and sooo never would have believed it had it not happened to me !

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    [...]Side effects of Flagyl antibiotic. Another Flagyl victim. Message of love & strong family support. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

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    [...]Side effects of Flagyl antibiotic. Another Flagyl victim. Message of love & strong family support. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

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    [...]Side effects of Flagyl antibiotic. Another Flagyl victim. Message of love & strong family support. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  7. SJack says:

    Was given Flagyl for upset stomach after Mexico trip…it has ruined my life and career..

  8. Elizabeth Michael says:

    I am so sorry that your son experienced the horror of what doctor prescribed medication can sometimes do. Flagyl (Metronadazole) is direct from hell aka pharmaceutical companies. No okay. Drug companies are indispensable if you have a brain infection or something of the worst kind but prescribing Flagyl to anyone should just never happen. I took it as a young woman when I had the expected infection women get. I was prescribed Flagyl and basically, it started me off on a life time of suffering from anxiety because once you have experienced the terror, you can’t forget it and I never knew until many years later when I was prescribed Flagyl again, what had started it. Living a very clean life is the only way I can get by. Even a cup of tea if not for me because of the caffeine which is another powerful drug whose side effects are never published and they are anxiety, depression and thought and sleep disorders. Also the medical profession has no knowledge of the effects of these drugs. What incompetence and lack of care to give your son xanex (an addictive drug) and tell you he needed mental. No. No he didn’t. He needed competent medical assistance and to be taken off the drug asap. Our bodies are beautiful instruments and will recover from most things given time eg like a bout of diarrhoea.

    Faith in yourself, fresh air (make sure you always wear a mask if handling soil I just gave myself fungal pneumonia), clean water, raw veges, fish and a bit of meat I do best on. NO caffeine, chocolate, energy drinks or alcohol.

    I hope he recovers fully soon. Also I highly recommend contacting Panic Away on line. He has done masses of good in the world and he has a free newsletter which basically gives you all you need to know without any payment. This guy suffered himself so he knows what it’s like and is very sympathetic to anyone who has suffered anxiety and panic attacks. God Bless You.

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  11. Kelley says:

    I took flagyl and I can’t walk a straight line anymore. I can’t eat anything without feeling dizzy. Everyday I wake up i pray I feel normal. It’s been over a month now. I’m afraid to go anywhere I’m so off balance. I went back to the doctor they told me I had meneires disease. No I have flagyls disease. The doctors don’t have a clue. A bunch of incompetent dummies. We gotta all figure out what’s wrong with us on the internet. Changed my life.

  12. Erin says:

    Kelley, you say you’re having a hard time walking? Doctors are idiots when it comes to this–it sounds like metronidazole-induced central nervous system toxicity. I know because I’ve been suffering from it myself, although it’s much better now than the first two months.

    Four main symptoms: ataxia (motor control problems, including things like difficulty walking), dysarthria (slurred speech/difficulty speaking), “altered mental state,” seizures, and/or dizziness.

    On my blog, I have links to case studies about this condition; basically, what the drug does is cause lesions to form on your brain. They usually disappear over the course of 3 months; there’s a 65% of complete recovery and 29% chance of improvement.

    And here’s what’s really sad…there is an FDA WARNING about encephalopathy (aka, brain dysfunction) due to lesions forming on the cerebellum due to Flagyl. IT’S ON THE FREAKIN’ DRUG LABEL.

    And still doctors don’t believe the drug can do this.

  13. Gino Kelter says:

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