Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage.

Hello, I have been reading your blog and just wanted to share my story with you.  I am in the UK, and I have been floxed twice by an antibiotic. Not by Levaquin, or Cipro, or Floxin….but by a supposed safe and not such a ‘big gun’ of an antibiotic….Amoxicillin.  I had it in too high a dose, and mixed with another drug Metronidazole, and I believe this acts in exactly the same way as a quinolone.

I am suffering from my second case of acute progressive Central Nervous System Toxicity caused by what I now know to be either:

I have never had this diagnosis confirmed by any doctor, cardiologist  or neurologist, and have come to this conclusion from searching the internet for information.    I appreciate that patients who self diagnose from the internet or other resourses can be a problem for the medical profession; but in this case,  (as other floxed people know,)  I genuinely know  I have discovered what happened to cause my illness.   

No GP will listen to me,  simply because it seems they firmly believe that a ‘simple’ antibiotic cannot cause these long lasting arrythmias, insomnia,  parasthesias, neuropathies, altered brain chemistry,  and all the other severe mental and health problems that I have experienced.  Perhaps I am just someone who is a ‘poor metabolizer’…i.e,  my liver cannot break down the drug properly so it builds up into toxic concentrations.  Perhaps my alcohol consumption in the past has something do do with this.   Perhaps this drug was prescibed by my dentist without taking taking into account the prior ingestion of antibiotics and its cumulative effects on me.  Whatever the reason, I know my own body, and  know I have been poisioned.  Antibotics ‘kill life’…that is what the word means.   They kill organisms, and the human body is just one huge organism. 

In June 2000 I was on a long course of Amoxicillin after dental treatment.  Approximately three weeks after finishing the course I presented at my GP  with numbness and tingling in the hands,  forearms and backs of shoulders.   I had tingling skin  – a creeping feeling on the skin like the start of flu -  muscle twitching, extreme muscle weakness, sudden parathesias, numb hands upon waking, insomnia, gastrointestinal disturbance,  ‘waves’ of weird electrical shocks through my body,  chest/sternum pain,  myclonic jerking, and head ‘explosions’,  severe panic attacks and palpitations.  I was told these were all symptoms of anxiety given Zisprin (an anti anxiety drug)   Over the next four months I repeately asked that my chest pain and heart symptoms be taken seriously but my heart was never listened to, nor was I given an ECG.   After a few weeks I began having what I presume to be mild seizures (awareness of eyes being drawn upward in head and biting tongue but being unble to
 control it) and psychotic episodes (chemical imbalance in brain causing a series of crippling ‘panic’ attacks and feelings of impending doom and death lasting two hours each.) 

Finally in August 2000 after severe palpitations and chest pain I was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit where I was told I had had a recent heart attack.  I was also told that I had an abnormal ECG, and there had been a major and unexplained electrical disturbance in my heart causing cardiac arrythmia and prolongation of the QT wave.  I was told I may need a pacemaker and given Propranolol.  After one week of treatment I was sent home.  I was also diagnosed with a bruit, and a heart murmer and told to take an anitibiotic prophylactic before any any invasive or deep dental procedure in the future.   I had various tests including echocardiogram and regular holter monitor testing.  In October 2000 my symptoms subsidsed and I gradually stopped taking the propranolol. Life got back to normal. 

Starting in June 2009 I had at least three very long courses of 500mg Amoxicillin for dental abcess, followed by another long course of Metronidazole (Flagyl) after three dental implants, and three seperate occasions of 3mg Amoxil as prophylactic before hygienist visit for deep cleaning.    Little did I know that I was taking poision.  Approximately two weeks after cessation of these antibiotics  I began having the exact symptoms  as in 2000.  I then made the definite connection between my symptoms and  both long courses of strong antibiotic nine years apart.  

I researched the internet, and discovered that strong courses of antibiotics (quinolones) can cause exactly the progressive symptoms I was having.  Although I has not ingested a quinolone, I had been on an extremely strong course of Amoxicillin and Metronidazole. 

It is my understanding that strong antibiotics can cause a toxic affect on the acytlcholine synapse causing nerve damage and exitable cardiac nerve damage.

If my heart goes wonky again I doubt I will make it this time.  The worst thing of all is the fact that this poison causes progressive problems.  I’ve had the numbness and tingling, the weakness and the gastro intestinal problems.  Next month I will start the insomnia and phycoses.  Then…the cardiac arrythmia will start.

And the doctor looks at me like I am nuts.  I feel like I am in a living nightmare.

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83 Responses to “Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage.”

  1. Teresa says:

    February 21, 2008 my son, 18 at the time had a bad bout of diahrea that had caused him some grief for about a week and a half. So I made an appointment for him at the Family Doctors. The doctor recommened Mentronidazole (FLAGYL) 500mg. 3xa day 10 day. On the 5th day my sons life changed…..a high school senior football, wrestler, shot and disc thrower, top 10% in his graduating class just accepted at University of Michigan. My son suffered hallucinations, severe panic attacks, cranial pressure, vertigo, vision distrubances, depression, insomina, he has stretch marks that appeared 3 months into the posioning, brain fog, incredible pain thoughout his body.

    We took our son back to the family doctor and they said now get this “He needs to eat more vegtables.” Well then our son had a severe panic attack so we took him to the hospital his heart was racing so they gave him some xanex and said we need to take him to the psychiatrist, from that we went to a neurologist. Well you can imagine nothing wrong…..he must have generalized anxiety because he is going off to college. We were so angry …..I would (and will)have done anything for him….I prayed to god that he give me my sons pain. Mike had many sleepless nights , lots of crying asking why me? I could not answer him ….I just kept saying I love you and we will get through this together.

    Mikes first year at college was quite a struggle for him he almost dropped out being on xanex was not a good thing for him the toxic effect of the FLAGYL and xanex did not mix well together. Just starting the second year of college has been a little better he still has brain fog and terrible anxiety he said no more meds for him (xanex) he eats alot of organic food, hardly any meat unless it is antibiotic free.

    I know that Mike is getting better each day….and I hang on to that thought everyday and I pray for everyone that has gone through this terrible ordeal themselves….And for the families that go through this with their loved one ……tell them and show them….that you love them with all of your heart , that you believe them and they are not alone. I cannot express this enough

    Thank You Levaquin site for letting me use your site….bless you

  2. Lisa says:


    Have you considered that you son might have Lyme disease? His symptoms –brain fog, pain everywhere, insomnia, anxiety, visoin disturbances–sound exactly like a case of late-stage Lyme disease. The flagyl could certainyl have caused the sudden onset of symtpoms as it broke down the cyst form of Lyme hiding in his body and their toxins then flooded into his system, causing a huge uptick in symptoms (known as a Herxhemer reaction). We know it well in our house . . . . and we also know well the medical reaction of “it must be in your head.” Go to the ILADs website ( and see what you think. And be prepared to go outside the maintream medical communtiy to find a doctor who knows how to recognize and treat Lyme –most doctors don’t know that the blood tests are poor and inconclusive, and that the treatment protocols are woefully inadeqaute. We also live in Ann Arbor–don’t even try the U-M medical system, great at so many things but very conservative and uniformed on Lyme. Try Dr. Ledtke in Saginaw, he helped us immensely. Good luck.

  3. Lisa says:

    And the same goes for the original poster–these symtoms also could be Lyme disease, and the antibiotic coudld be, rather than acting as a poison, instead are sending waves of dead Lyme bacteria into her system which are causing the upswing in symptoms. After enough time on the antibiotic, enough of the bacteria are killed off and the symptoms susbside and, eventually, you get better. Certainly a possbiltiy, given the symptoms. Many or all of them have been associated with Lyme, including the heart symptoms and the axnxiety/psychosis, as well as ccrtanly the tingling/numbness, twitching, electrical sensations, insomnia. Worth considering.

  4. MARNA MORAN says:




  5. john says:

    People often suffering from muscle twitching suffer from mild to severe anxiety by relating it to several health related problems. Other symptoms that may manifest together or including muscle twitching may only be a result of anxiety.

    More info at

  6. Priscilla says:

    Hi my name is Priscilla.I understand completly what you are going tru.2 years ago i took 3 pills of flagyl and started to fill dizzy and stressed.After the third pill,i woke up in panic and couldnt stop walking and i felt my head was going to explode.I stayed at the hospital for a week.They wouldnt do me a irm they just did some scans cose its too expensive they told me.In my stay there i had multiple panic feelings and sometimes woke up blind or so dizzy i could see the floor moving,my head my burning like a piece of paper on fire and i could feel it really heavy.Nobody there thought it was a pill reaction,they all thought i was a really disturbed girl with stress issues.My legs were shaking and i had bad thoughts all the time,felt like a real nasty bad trip!But i knew that i had to cure myself by myself cose nobody else would do it for me,not even help me to.So i went and bought vitamin b and methylcobalamin,chlorophylle,and i took care of my health,eating good and praying ,walking to the parc ,relaxing as much as possible,learning to not stress about life and what others may think.It took awhile…id say about 3 to 4 months before i could say i felt a lot better.But i was really scared and i never thought that i could hurt that much.Now i can say ,i feel so much better almost back to normal.Dont give up.Doctors wont help you but you can have faith within yourself and trust lifes path.Try your best ,one day at the time youll feel better…And if you ever need to talk about what youre going tru send me a email be happy to help cose i know how hard it is and how hopeless life may feel.Theres hope,dont give up :)

  7. stacy says:

    Hi. 14 days ago I took one large dose of flagyl and 1-2 hrs later I had an allergic reaction(heart racing, skin bright red, arms and legs burning), I am a registered nurse so I immediately took benadryl and the heart pounding and redness disappeared. For 7 days after I had what felt like alcohol poisoning, depression, nghtmares, heart racing and peripheral neuropathy (burning and tingling in my extremities). Day 7-14 has been a little better, still with intermittent burning and tingling in my arms and legs, anxiety and fatigue. I saw my primary physician, then a cardiologist, then a neurologist. I also contacted the FDA and filed a report. The cardiologist said he has heard flagyl can cause horrible side effects and they should go away. The neurologist said it is CNS drug toxicity, and I should have a full recovery in one month. The depression has lifted a little (nightmares, bad thoughts) but my balance is still off. This has by far been the worst experience of my life. I pray for anyone who has to go through this.

  8. Pamela says:

    I have also had medication toxicity from other types of meds, which have caused permanent neurological (cognitive and physical changes). Now any medication that effects the CNS, like Flagyl, i have increased symptoms and atypical seizure like episodes.
    Medications are types of poisons. They are foreign to our bodies. There are not enough studies done on all medications and interactions, or how bodies metabolize..etc.etc. Unfortunately, because the Doctors are the ones prescribing, and then are the ones Diagnosing, they are also the ones reporting problems. There is a glitch in this process. Who wants to admit they made a medical error. or be potentially in a law suit for prescribing a medication that caused harm.
    Misdiagnosis, no report, no warnings to the next consumer.
    My life changed at 37 years old. I am no disabled. And for 3 years, I can not get ONE doctor to diagnose the problem… that this all happened after medication interacted.
    I am educated, was in the medical industry, and docs don’t want to hear from an educated person…who is not a doc.

  9. Mademoiselle says:

    I’ve taken Flagyl and it has ruined my health: panic attacks, anxiety, everything that has been written here. It’s, been 2 years, and although better, I haven’t fully recovered. Stay away from that drug. I can’t believe it’s still on the market. I have no energy left to start a law-suit, but perhaps eventually yes. Anyone who wants to join in, please email at

  10. Priscilla says:

    Hi Stacy…Please you dont have to worry.What you are going tru i went tru that.3 years ago.Its lasted for about 3 to 4 months that i was feeling bad becose of the medication.I was trying to find a doctor who could tell me what to do.Couldnt find one.My head was burning ,i thought i was going crazy!The first month i was so dizzy that everything seemed upside down.Couldnt even walk normally becose of that.I had severe panic attacks..Im going to tell you what i did to recover almost completly.First,you need to take everything without stress,so go take a walk,a massage ..anything to keep stress away.And go by vitamins,theyre amasing in helping you recovering.Cose they give you body a little extra to fight with.I bought Complex B 12 vitamins,take 3 to 4 a day,and anything to detox your body is a good thing,cose if you still got side effects its becose its still inside of you.Take Lavender bath and eat good.I promess it will go away,i thought i was going to die…seriously.Its just awfull,but you get to learn about yourself going tru difficult times.Good luck. … :)

  11. Gary says:

    I just stopped Flagyl about a month ago. I was on it for too long (30 days) and kept telling my docs my side effects (dizzy, lightheaded, eye sight messed up, etc). I started having these effects about 2 weeks into taking. I was taking for parasite, but read that recommended dosages was for 10 days, the other doc thought that maybe I had C Diff so kept me on it. I still dont have much of an appetite and am having trouble putting weight back on, dizzy when I read, loss coordination, tingling in my feet, hands, neck, anxiety attacks, hard for me to leave the house, work etc. I was hospitalized two weeks ago, MRI of my spine and brain were negative. Neuro stated he believed it was the Flagyl and that I was having CNS toxicity. He did lots of research and stated that symptoms should fully resolve, but that it could take months. Im praying hard, and thank God for my wonderful wife who has put up with me. This has been a nightmare to say the least, and has ruined this holiday season. Every doctor prescribing this should verbally warn patients before prescribing. My docs didnt say a word, even after I was telling them how I felt. One doctor inferred that I should have reade the information that came with the drug. I have never had a problem before with any drug, so I didnt, but rest assured now I will. One doc still does not beleive it was the flagyl (of course he is the one that kept me on it). Amazing!!! As the earlier poster stated, Im asking why me, as this has ruined my life for the last 2 months and will likely continue to do so for the next few months, hopefully no longer. God has a plan, and this is part of it. I know that I will change my ways and be a better husband, father, friend, co-worker, and christian.

  12. Priscilla says:

    Hi Gary,like i said before..i know exactly how you must feel.I remember this like a really bad badtrip.But rest assure that it will go away.It might take some time ..But it will.What i can advise you to do is to take care of yourself.Doctors try their best to help their patients but we also have to be aware that theyre also there to sell you pills.And some of them have pretty bad side effects.I thought i would die litterly!But , the first thing you have to do is first to stop talking ANY pills AT ALL!Second to go find a heath store in your area some complex B vitamins and things to clean your lever and blood (all natural stuff).Take 3 to 6 Vitamin B a day .You can also buy Methylcobalamin.Yes ,i can assure you Its the Flagyl that did that to you.It was too strong for your body and went strait to your central nervous system and now the reason why youre dizzy,it’s becose its attacking your myelin .The myelin protect your nervous system like your skin protect your bones from falling apart.Your head probably feels verry heavy now.Like i said,dont worry too much ,take care of yourself,nourrish your body and take deep breaths becose its your nervous system you need to restore.I stayed in pain for awhile but if you take care of yourself and trust yourself your body will respond positively.Its a very good thing you see this as a chance to be a better person ,becose thats what sickness is for.To make you understand that you have to relax and think back your priorities.Good luck for everything :)

  13. Gary says:

    Thanks for your kind words Priscilla. It is great to hear some assurance from someone who has gone through this. Im about 6 weeks after stopping the flagyl. Im having a holistic doc detox my body to hopefully speedup the recovery. I also took parmomicyn after the flagyl and am having some ringing in my ears due to that. I spent New Year’s Eve at the chapel praying for my health and the health of others I know are afflicted with illness. I was happy to see 2010 go away and am looking forward to full recovery in 2011. God Bless

  14. Jane says:

    Hi, I am a 46 year old female. I was prescribed Flagyl last fall and took it for about 7 days. I started immediately feeling numbless and pain in my right foot. I didn’t associate it with the Flagyl at first so stayed on the drug. But after a while i Googled Flagyl and saw that it can cause Peripherial nerve damage. I stopped the drug immediatly and called my doctor. She didn’t think it was caused by the Flagyl but told me to stop if I wanted to. Well it is months later and I still have the numbness and pain in the foot. I have been to a neurologist and she did a EMG on my legs and said that both my legs have slow response usually caused by myelin damage. She was thinking I have an autoimmune disease attacking my own nerve myelin. I still think the Flagyl caused the damage. But now i don’t know what to do. Should i persue more tests to see if i do have an autoimmune disease (she wants to do a nerve biopsy). Of should I keep waiting to see if the damage goes away (if caused by the Flagyl). Does the damage by Flagyl repair itself or will it be forever? I am scared and really don’t want a nerve biopsy as it will cause permanent damage to the nerve on my foot leaving a permanent numb patch the size of a quarter. What should i do? I have a new appointment with the doctor to talk about options. Has anyone else had damage to their nerves caused by Flagyl that did not go away after a few months?

  15. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your site.

  16. filmy online says:

    I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  17. MONICA says:

    I CAN RELATE WHOLE HEARTEDLY TO THESE STORIES.i was poisoned in 07.It started a looong journey of undescribed horrors.I dontwant to go through the whole story as I have told it soo many times,especially to doc’s,but mine is very similar to the son’s story above.I FOUGHT A GREAT DEAL TO BE WHERE i AM NOW.I made it pretty far,unfortunately had to rely on an antidepressantfive months into yhe reaction, or I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DIED.lost 25 pounds first two weeks,and DID NOT sleep at all first five months.I have threee kids too.My kids are why I had the strength to pull up.

  18. MONICA says:

    I CAN RELATE WHOLE HEARTEDLY TO THESE STORIES.i was poisoned in 07.It started a looong journey of undescribed horrors.I dontwant to go through the whole story as I have told it soo many times,especially to doc’s,but mine is very similar to the son’s story above.I FOUGHT A GREAT DEAL TO BE WHERE i AM NOW.I made it pretty far,unfortunately had to rely on an antidepressantfive months into yhe reaction, or I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DIED.lost 25 pounds first two weeks,and DID NOT sleep at all first five months.I have threee kids too.My kids are why I had the strength to pull up.
    I also want to add that i relied heavily on quinnolonne poisoning sites for my info as I could not find many with metronidazole poisoning ,my effects were exactly the same as the quinnolonne survivors.I wish metronidazole sufferers had a site to relate too.It was very hard going through this with no medical understanding.

  19. Vero says:

    Did anyone fully RECOVER?!!! if so how long?!! It’s been 4 months of HELL for me looking for hope:(

  20. Vero says:

    Trying to start class action lawsuit please anyone who is interested email me at I need dates and symptoms that flagyl has caused you. Thank you .

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  23. Sara says:

    My Name is Sara I was given a 14 day treatment of Flagyl ,intially I was to use it by cream method , but was told to stop after 2 days and was given in pill form 500mg x 2 for 14 days , I was given it for burning Vaginal , if I recall but not 100% sure I stopped taking it either after the 7th day or I stopped after taking 7 pills , but the vaginal burning did not stop , and was told to stop them . I was then put on Clonozepam (benzo) , abt 2 days later. And was told to stop taking Clonozepam after 4 1/2 mths later cold turkey , I have no idea if the parethesia I am experiencing now was caused from the Flagyl or coming off Clonozepam its been 18 mths later and I am still having burning legs, my entire body burns and stings !!!!! I am also weak, see I cant remember now if I was experiencing that after taking the Flagyl or coming off the benzo , I was told Benzos is very dangerous coming off of. So my question is this did anyone of you have a reaction after stopping the Flagyl for mths or did it take effect immediatly while on the drug? thank you , also did you recover from this? Thank you Laura

  24. Sara says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention I was also given Azthromyacin abt 2 mths after , I was actuially perscribed it the same time but I dont recall taking it at that time.

    Thank you Sara

  25. Sara says:

    Sorry one more question do anyone get days where their symptoms are gone or lessened , windows they call them or is it all the time, I get a few days every Mth with lessened symptoms , I also sting all over my body on top of the burning all over, its extremly painful.

    Thank you again Sara

  26. Deb says:

    My first experience with flagyl was 5 years ago. Hospitalized for 7 days with 2 IV’s running for diverticulitis. One bag contained flagyl and the other zithromycin. The medicine destroyed my veins, severe hair loss, confusion, joint pain, feeling of desperation, loss of appetite, marked weight loss, heart palpitations. Since then, I have been around the world with doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me but never did they say it was the flagyl. I felt like my body was dying. I had a heart attack last Feburary and had 2 stents placed. Then 2 weeks ago, I had another diverticulitis attack and was started on flagyl and cipro again. My question is can flagyl damage the heart? I have read where this medication is so strong it can cause scarring in the arteries. Is this correct?

  27. Vero says:

    VASHI? I was wondering if you ever recovered from your second reaction to flagyl? I have had a HORRIBLE reaction to flagyl and I’ve seen your posts all over the web on verious sites please email me my email address is thank you

    Teresa? same goes for you how is your son mike? I’ve seen your posts too but I cannot seem toxins away to get intouch with you or VASHI, please email me if you get this.

    Or anyone else who’s gone through this. Thanks again , veronica

  28. RachV says:

    I have recently had a horrible experience with Flagyl I believe. although its hard to tell. I was on a bunch of other antibiotics within a very short amount of time all around the same time. However, I felt the wierdness start when I took the flagyl. I was misdiagnosed with H pylori. took the flagyl for 4 days. 4 times a day. went to the ER like 3 times..they just kept sending me home. I stopped taking it, even though every doc I saw said I wasnt allowed. By the end of the week I had stool samples come back negative for H. pylori. I did all that for nothing. Its now 1 month later and I do have my energy back..HOWEVER, I am mentally a total mess. depression, brain fog, no focus, drunk feeling, crazy thoughts, crying..I dont even feel like myself.Im trying my best to stay positive and keep my mind off of it all. Its hard thought when you feel wasted all the time! Ive had a million tests run..nothing. Ive asked the doctor and the pharmacist if it could do this to me..and of course, was told no. But Thats IMPOSSIBLE. I was FINE before this. I hope that things get better soon. I keep praying and trying to stay positive. I have seen some of you on other websites. we are all obviously battling this same evil demon! My email address is feel free to contact me if you want to chat! Maybe we all wont feel so nuts if we can support each other!

  29. free review says:

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  31. Rob says:

    I took Flagyl last month for 10 days for a stomach parasite. Begin to feel weird and had cold shins around day 7. My doctor told me to finish the prescription. Strange but I had nothing else happen until about a week after being off the medicine. Now my legs are both numb, tingling, and feel wet. And my left arm goes numb. All blood work is normal and I just have to believe it was the Flagyl. It is all too coincidental timing wise and I have never had these symptoms before. Yuck. The sensations are horrible. Any words of wisdom or advice?

  32. SSpencer says:

    I am a 37 y old female. I was started on bupropion 150 SR on 10/2011 which I took for one week, then added flagyl-metronidazole 500 mg bid for a vaginal bacterial infection (which I now believe was actually a yeast infection and will insist on a culture from now on) I took flagyl for 2.5 days, before having a severe reaction. The first symptom was dizziness x 12 hours, then near black out while driving 75 mpg on freeway, once I pulled off extreme tightness in spine that radiated into my head. It felt like I was going to have a seizure (I did not). That persisted for a few days and was extremely terrifying. dizziness was severe for 2-3 weeks, and intermitent after that. I had an MRI which showed 1 subcentimeter brain lesion in the right frontal lobe, and several other non-specific lesions. I was told by one neuro that it was just anxiety, but symptoms persisted and PCP referred to neuro who just did MS. he told me I likely had MS and ordered c and t spine MRIs both of which were normal. I was give prednisone 1000 MG IV x 2 days for “MS”. I did not respond to that treatment so spinal tap was ordered and found to be negative for antibodies and monoclonal bands that are found in 90-95% of MS patients. I was told that it was likely not MS. I was tested for lymes, west nile, heavy metals, addisons, MD, thyroid, renal fxn, inflamation (esr), and am awaiting the results of myastenious gravis panel. My initial symptoms of dizzyness are less, but I now have increased intermittant numbness in all four limbs and in my face, even a few times in my genital area and thighs. I continue to have difficulty swallowing with a lump in my throat that comes and goes. I have had a the inability to swallow at times which feels like I am not going to be able to breath. I have extreme hypothermia and also sensitivity to heat within a few minutes of each other. One of my most troubling symptoms is that when I lay on my right side my left side will go numb, and vice-versa. I have to sleep on my back if I can sleep at all- I usually wake at 2-4 am. I also have tremor originating in the cerebelum and spreading down to my hands. I also struggle with thought processes and speaking — I often cannot think of a word, and lose my train of thought easy. i am 2 months into this and have not been able to drive since b/c although I can read clearly, my vision is not the same and I have a difficult time focusing on the road, not to mention a hypersensitivity to light (sun), motion, sounds, touch and smell. I have had periods of blurry vision that last only a few minutes. I cannot put my finger on this, but my vision is just not right! At 7 weeks, I began to have cardiac symptoms, racing heart, high blood pressure, elevated BNP (118). I know there is a component of anxiety for me, although I have never struggled with that before. I have lost 8# in 8 wks. Even a doctor specializing in medical toxicology told me that the flgyl could not still be in my system and it was not detected in the plasma when tested at 7 wks. He believes I have an underlying problem that would have presented itself anyway ?auto immune. I have always used very little medication in small doses, b/c a little works fine for me. I have always been very sensitive to caffiene- not being able to sleep at night if I drank some before noon, shaking like a leaf. I am the mother of five children and am so grateful for them and a husband that are sticking by me, not to mention my extended family and friends. The power of prayer is real.
    My questions for you are this: Has anyone had lesions on the brain that they feel like are related to metronidazole? has anyone had the numbness on one side when lying on the opposite? what can I expect my cardiac symptoms to do? time frame to total recovery? have anyone looked into “poor metabolizer” info on liver enzymes and cytochrome p450? genetic testing for liver enzyme deficiency? does anyone have the sensitivities listed above to light, sound, smell, touch? or is that just part of the related anxiety? problem later with other meds? caffiene? Please reply! I need info!

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    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  34. Vero says:

    Yes flagyl can cause brain lesions .

  35. lymedisease says:

    I hope you are ok. After a long ordeal with lyme disease and listening to your symptoms etc. could I suggest that you research lyme disease in correlation with your symptoms. Also, having almost died from this and understanding almost completely the hell you are living rife (also to be googled …specifically bryan rosner and doug coil) are the only things that have restored a functional life to me. Hope that helps you. It saved my own life. lyme disease and rife machines…best to you.

    PS i don’t think its the abx just a bacterial/immune reaction to them

  36. lymedisease says:

    SSpencer please see ld comment 2!! :D

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    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  39. Jen says:

    Wow. I really thought I was going crazy! Everything that everyone is saying here is exactly what I am going through after 2 rounds of Flagyl a few weeks ago. Why isn’t something being done about this? I worry about the brain lesions as I do have the fatigue and muscle weakness and dizziness but I also can tell that I am having a lot of trouble focusing. I am not motivated at all anymore and just want to stay in bed. You have to understand that I am a very fit person, I go to the gym every day. Well I DID before this. Now I am so weak I can’t get through a work out. To put it in perspective, three weeks ago I could do 45 minutes on the step mill, now I can’t even do two!!! I am very discouraged and depressed. I sure hope this will pass in time.

  40. SSpencer says:

    Update: As I stated before…I have had blood tests done for lyme disease. They were negative, as was the myastenias gravis (?sp) panel. I am fairly confident it was the flagyl (metronidazole) — the timing was just to perfect and the onset so quick. comparisons on MRIs done 7 wks apart show no new lesions. I am feeling slightly better and drove for the first time since my reaction 11 wks ago, but some symptoms persist. I agree with the comment of staying as stress free as possible. TRY not to over dwell on your health problems and I promise you will feel better, not whole but better. I am hoping time will bring me increased resolution.

    I copied and pasted this from Leslie’s post on a biology website. I am interested in this naturally as a dietitian, but haven’t had a chance to research it myself. I am reposting but it seems to fit what is going on in my body and in case it is of worth to any of you:
    Lesly says:
    “I now know some classes of antibiotics affect bacterial cell physiology. Their mechanism of action at the cellular level is to selectively bind certain ions creating intra- and extracellular biochemical disturbances. The ions bound vary with different members of this class of drug, with salinomycin preferentially binding potassium. This interferes with potassium transport across mitchondrial membranes, resulting in low intracellular energy production. The Na+/Ca2+ exchange mechanism may also be disrupted allowing a fatal accumulation of intracellular calcium.1 This mechanism particularly affects skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. This can affect the function of acetylcholine , a neurostransmitter which has actions on CNS (nerve) and heart tissue.

    Acetylcholine has functions both in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and in the central nervous system (CNS) as a neuromodulator.

    In the PNS, acetylcholine activates muscles, and is a major neurotransmitter in the autonomic nervous system.

    In the CNS, acetylcholine and the associated neurons form a neurotransmitter system, the cholinergic system, which tends to cause excitatory actions.”

    If anyone knows more about this I would be interested in knowing. The part about calcium build up bothers me, b/c I have been taking calcium supplements off and on to aleviate the cramping in my legs and restless leg syndrome associate with this ongoing problem. That may not be a good idea.. ? potassium supplementation? magnesium? any ideas?

  41. Dan says:

    Has anyone tried to sue the manufacturer of Flagyl? This is ridiculous. I took Flagyl over a month ago and my stomach is still upset, I don’t sleep well, metallic taste in mouth still. I am NEVER taking another antibiotic, unless I’m convinced that if I don’t I will die. I don’t trust doctors, who are basically pushers of the big pharma (who use us as guinea pigs). Very maddening!

  42. metal says:

    Remarkable issues here. I’m very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and I am having a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  43. I do trust all of the ideas you’ve introduced on your post. They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for newbies. May you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  44. pitipoance says:


    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  45. SSpencer says:

    Update: now looking at a diagnosis of dysautonomia– POTS. Started having fainting feelings at 3 mos post flagyl — despite the fact that I feel better in other ways. Also you may want to google “toxin neuropathy”. For me this DID start with the flagyl and metronidazole, symptoms are similar to lyme disease b/c the damage is similar. Still hoping for recovery while seeking help at the mayo clinic in AZ with a doctor Brent Goodman who is a neurologist specializing in “autonomic dysfunction” which if you google that term it will give you much helpful info. Get a blood pressure monitor (I use a wrist one that is easy to keep with me) and check your BP often, mine is extremely low while lying in bed 74/40ish and can raise to 190/120 within 5 minutes of rising, pulse also fluctuates greatly. I am normally healthy, not overweight, and have a baseline BP of 110/70. Docs will not catch this in the office b/c when sitting BP normalizes somewhat. go to a good neuro and if you can, seek one that specializes in dysautonomia. I am having to go out of UT to AZ, and will update this post after my 3/29/12 appt. to let you know what he says! If any of this rings true for you, I would suggest lots of water 100-120 oz/day, possibly with salt if you a urinating frequently and your blood pressure is low, magnesium supplementation and flax seed oil, as well as a “high potency multi vitamin” like the one at Check you BP lots and see some patterns especially with position changes. Also at 3 months post flagyl I also started having extreme burning pain through my entire torso and up into my head. worse at night, feels like I am going to pass out from lack of oxygen to the pain, controled breathing with longer exhale than inhale helps. youtube has great info videos on dysautonomia. good luck.

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    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

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    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

  48. Vero says:

    Hello everyone it’s been ten months since my FLAGYL DISASTER and I wish I could say that I was doing better but the truth is I simply am not. Been to several docs specialist and neuros no one of themknow how to address my mulisymptom damage. This has been truly a nightmare! I just keep praying that someday I will get better as I’m only 31! And have a small child to raise. Bless u all and BUYER BEWARE OF FLAGYL!!!!!!!! I would have never guessed that an antibiotic could have done this to someone let alone me…. Goes to show u cantruly never be too careful when putting substances into your body.

  49. Vero says:

    One last thing all these stupid Lyme freaks need to stay off toxicity websites! All they do is spread fear and make people paranoid that they might have Lyme disease! I’m not debating weather or no Lyme exists or devastates lives but geez these people ate EVERYWHERE on EVERY SITE! everything is not LYME!

  50. more info here…

    [...]Amoxicillin and Metronidazole Toxicity. Lady from England suffering extensive central nervous system damage. | "Levaquin Hurts" Brain/Body Toxic Drug[...]…

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