Avelox and Cipro poisoning. Terrible suffering.

Avelox and Cipro “Did Me In” News

July 8, 2009. By Jane Mundy

Whitehall, PA: Bob Grozier lost a 20-year career as a computer programmer and became disabled shortly after taking the fluoroquinolones Avelox and Cipro. Grozier says that even his doctor took Avelox and had adverse side effects similar to his…

Avelox Victim“The drugs that did me in were primarily Cipro and Avelox,” says Grozier, who first took Avelox for one week before he was prescribed Cipro. “Nobody really knows how dangerous Avelox and Cipro are,” he adds. “I believe these drugs build up in the body and they have a cumulative effect.”

Grozier says he had an infection in his prostate gland and was prescribed the antibiotics in 2002. Just two days before his meds were finished, his ears started ringing and he contacted a pharmacist at Bayer. “He told me to finish the Cipro and the ear ringing would go away,” says Grozier, “and my doctor told me that it was Tinnitus and I just had to live with it, but then I had a psychotic reaction.

“I called my Mum because I was having hallucinations and severe panic attacks: I needed to get to the hospital, fast. I really thought I was going to die. I had blood tests but it didn’t show any drug toxicity—they wouldn’t believe me when I said it was because of the antibiotics; instead they sent me home with a prescription for Xanax.

Since that time I have been disabled with all kinds of mental problems. In 2004 I had a QEEG [Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) is the measurement of electrical patterns which primarily reflect "brainwaves"] and they found brain damage: 2 seizure disorders and encephalopathy of the brain. And I have organic brain syndrome. In other words, I have permanent brain damage.

After the QEEG results specialists finally agreed with me that the fluoroquinolones were the cause of the seizures and brain damage, but not before Mum and I looked for doctor after doctor: no one would admit, or know, that Avelox and Cipro caused me to have a complete psychiatric meltdown. I finally convinced my GP and coincidentally he took just one pill of Avelox and told me it caused severe anxiety, like he was wired on speed. He helped me apply for disability and now I am on social security benefits.

It has been over 7 years now and I still cry in pain every day–I’m on a lot of meds. Imagine drinking 1,000 cups of coffee and multiply that reaction by 500—that’s what it’s like all the time. I have extreme anxiety to the point of panic; my 12-year marriage broke up, I can’t raise my daughter and I had to move in with my Mum; she is in her 70s with a 50-year-old son who cannot function. The only time I leave the house is to see a doctor but no one can help me get better.”

Shirley, Bob’s mother, takes care of her son 24/7. “I have a bad back and Bob is even afraid to sleep alone so he sleeps in the bed and I sleep on the floor—there is no room for another bed,” says Shirley. ” And the constant paperwork involved with Bob’s care is unbelievable—it takes up so much room there is no place even to sit in our house.

“Bob tries to support other people that have been damaged by these drugs,” Shirley adds. “If I were younger I would sit at the White House until I got some senators to listen: these drugs need more warnings and they must be severely restricted. The health community should get a ‘Dear doctor’ letter.”

Bob Grozier maintains a website called www.fqvictims.org and he invites anyone concerned about Cipro, Avelox and other fluoroquinolones to contact him toll free at 1-866-360-4639, or e-mail fqvictim@fqvictims.org.

I talk to my close friend Bob G. every week on the phone. He has suffered terribly for seven years. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics have ruined his life just like they have for so many other individuals.  

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