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Cipro toxicity misdiagnosed as Crohn’s Disease.

Comment: I was given Cipro after an intestinal infection. About 6-7 days after taking Cipro I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move my left hand, and was in bad pain. Both achilles tendons were brittle and damaged, as well as the tendons in my left hand. My general physician didn’t know how to fix it. The [...]

Young male given Levaquin samples.

Comment: i had no information on this antibiotic. i went to the er because of the symptoms u listed. and now it is an every relapse of those symptoms. i’ve lost 27 lbs in 1 months. i’m 22 i was a healthy boy, eating greasy food i was 147 and now i am 120. i [...]

Comment from floxed victim.

Won’t change anything, though – nothing will. The pen isn’t mightier than the sword, or at least it isn’t mightier than nukes. It isn’t even mightier than Big Pharma or Big Agrochem or BigOil, or BigWasteDispo or any other BigCrims, either. Yes, floxing is hell. The longer I live, the more I see humans creatin [...]

Food Inc. Movie trailor on Youtube

I heard this movie is very good. I don’t think it is in many theaters though. Here is a short trailor for this documentary.

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