Cipro victim dropped as patient.

Here is one additional comment on what happened to an individual when trying to explain that a fluoroquinolone ( Cipro ) caused him health problems.


This is a sad situation that unfortunately happens more often than most people realize. This exact thing happened to me. I was terminated as a patient by the very Dr. that prescribed me Cipro. As soon as I complained to that  Dr. that Cipro had caused me all kinds of health problems, and suggested that he file an ADR report to the FDA he went berserk. I couldn’t believe the change in his attitude as soon as I mentioned that Cipro had caused me problems. Instead of showing any concern for my well-being, he threw my papers on the floor (that I had brought in to show him Cipro and all FQ’s had been known to cause health problems)…and started ranting at me about how great Cipro was.

The apt. ended abruptly and a few days later, I received a letter from his office stating that I would no longer be accepted as a patient at his practice. No reason was given.

I think this happens more than most people think. It’s criminal.

How can a patient be injured by their Dr. and then dropped by that Dr. and left with no recourse? How can this happen in the U.S.A. in this day and age?  Unbelievable!

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